August 7, 2022


Contenders for the position of governor in Nyanza

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Assessing the governor candidates from Luo Nyanza counties

Assessing the governor candidates from Luo Nyanza counties

Rieko Mwenyewe’s personal assessment of the contenders for the position of governor in Nyanza

There are four counties in Luo Nyanza. I want to take only three at the moment to talk about the possibilities as to which candidates who will win the day in the coming election.


(Population of 842,325, number of voters 457,953):

There are three serious contenders in Siaya County


The leading contender is James Orengo, who is currently the Senator of Siaya County. He is vying on ODM Ticket. Orengo is suitable for the Senate Position where he has not performed well. Orengo is very close to Hon. Raila Odinga and he would have been a very close candidate for Cabinet Secretary or Attorney General when Azimio ya Umoja Kenya One Party wins the election.

He knows Siaya County as Senator but he has not done well for the County. He cannot show any highlights of achievements and developments in Siaya. His Running Mate William Oduol tried to contest as Governor before but was unsuccessful. He will not help Orengo in any way.


Odero Gumbo Wajonya is vying on Movement for Democracy and Change Ticket. His running mate is David Ohito who himself is a reknowned Journalist. Odero Gumbo is a former Member of Parliament for two terms and his record is splendid. Engineer Gumbo gave a lot of development in Rarieda including Education, Agriculture, Social Activities and many others.


Millicent Awuor Oduor is a Legal Psychologist and is working at the Office of Controller of Budget in Kenya. Little is known of what she can do and in her application there is trace for her Running Mate. Millicent says that she will create institutions for helping the needy but this will is left to be seen.

My analysis for Siaya County is as follows:

Millicent Adhiambo Oduor 5%
James Aggrey Orengo. 40%
Nicholas Odero Gumbo. 51%
Not decided 4%

My prediction is that unless irregularities and rigging tales place, the Governor of Siaya will be Hon. Nicholas Odero Gumbo.


(Population is 1,141,950 and Voters Registered is 476,875)

There are two serious contenders for Homa Bay County.


Gladys Wanga is the most serious candidate. She was the current Women Representative for Homa Bay. Wanga has done a lot of homework and Development. High on the Agenda is the Women Sacco which has helped a lot of women and by extention families. She has campaigned seriously including being supported by none other than Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and some of Homabay Luo Council of Elders.


Odhiambo Kidero, the former Governor of Nairobi County, is vying as an Independent Candidate. He performed reasonably well and completed his term although busy bodies like Mike Mbuvi Soko had difficulties with him. Evans has relocated to Homabay County and has promised to return Homabay to its reality and progressive.

Kidero has a strong local support including a part of Homabay Luo Council of Elders which highly infuriated Gladys Wanga. As it stands, Evans Kidero will stage a serious contention with Gladys Wanga.


Current Member of Parliament for Suba, Mbadi campaigned seriously but later withdrew to support Gladys Wanga.


Akelo Misori is the current Hon.Secretary of KUPPET, little is known of his position now but he may have also withdrawn from the race. The rest of the group have also withdrawn.

My assessment and prediction of the outcome is as follows:

Evans Odhiambo Kidero 39%
Gladys Atieno Wanga 45%
Others combined 10%

Evans Kidero may come up with a surprise because of ODM euphoria but all things being equal Gladys Atieno Nyasuna Wanga will be the Governor of Homabay come 15th August 2022.


(Population 1,155,574, number of registered voters 82,538)

The Governor Contenders are only two.


Prof. Nyong’o is the current Governor of Kisumu County. His Running Mate is Dr. Owili. He replaced Jack Nyanungo Ranguma in 2017. Peter Nyong’o has propelled Kisumu City to be the cleanest City in Kenya, even more than Nairobi City. He brought the Africities Convention for the first time in Africa. He has rebuilt Kibuye Market to a modern status, and he has promised to do more if given a second chance. Prof. Nyong’o is vying on ODM Ticket.


Jack Ranguma was the first Governor of Kisumu in 2013. He was removed by Prof. Nyong’o with a landslide votes although there were unconfirmed complaints. Jack Ranguma did not do much as governor, he just squandered funds and started projects which were not completed. Jack Ranguma is vying on Movement for Development and Growth.


Ken Obura contested for Governor in 2017 but he was defeated badly. He tried to come back this time around with no success.

My rating on these candidates is as follows:

Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o 51%
Jack Nyanungo Raguma. 41 %
Ken Obura. 2%
Undecided 6%

My assessment is that baring any eventualities and serious rigging, Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o will be the Governor of Kisumu City.

These are my views and I hope they will happen as predicted. However, I wish all Candidates the success they deserve.


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