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Nairobi County Takeover – Nairobi Metropolitan Services

Nairobi County Takeover – Nairobi Metropolitan Services

President Uhuru Kenyatta has established the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), which will oversee the management of Nairobi County and run the four major functions of the county government that Governor Mike Sonko transferred to the National Government.

Major General Mohammed Abdallah Badi has been appointed as the Director General of the newly created Nairobi Metropolitan Services and Enos Onyango Momanyi named Deputy Director General.

The National government will now manage Health, Transport, Public Works and Urban Planning.

President Kenyatta said that the biggest problem that Nairobi County faces is corruption and cartels making service delivery almost impossible, saying the new NMS outfit will fix the mess and deliver the much needed services to Nairobians.

Ministry Of Transport has officially taken over the running of public transport from the Nairobi County government.

Last month Governor Mike Sonko and Devolution CS Wamalwa signed an agreement in the presence of President Kenyatta at State House transferring the four major functions of the county to the National Government.

Governor Mike Sonko Hands Over Functions of the Nairobi County to the National Government

According to a statement by Statehouse’s spokesperson Kanze Dena, the landmark agreement by governor Sonko to hand-over the functions of Nairobi County to the national government is pursuant to Article 187 of the Constitution.

Will the move to transfer Nairobi County Services to the National Government improve service delivery for Nairobians? Only time can tell.


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