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British royals support Political Cartel Senate bid

British royals support Political Cartel Senate bid

Our friends at the Weekly Citizen produce a good read once a week but they’re not a newspaper known for letting the truth or the little matter of the facts get in the way of a good story. They must be pulling our legs.

Under a headline ‘Old guards in senate, counties to cancel new constitution benefits’, the WC reported that, ‘[a] powerful political cartel… that have ruled Kenya since independence have hatched a plot’ to control the new Senate and counties.

Well, some of the old boys may have their eyes on a cushy Senate seat but it was the WC’s next claim that took the prize for made up story of the week. According to the WC the ‘Old guard’ has the support of the British Royal family….’

Can you imagine Her Maj’ talking to the British Royal family over breakfast? “We must help Moi and Kenyatta…” Come off it.


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