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Motorists have expressed their joy to news that bumps ejected on the Nairobi superhighway will be removed following a court ruling in favour of a case lodged by Nairobi senator Mike Sonko.

The senator moved to court in 2015, seeking to have the bumps and rumble strips specifically at the homeland area near the Garden City Mall and those at the survey of Kenya saying that there were causing unnecessary traffic to motorists on the busy superhighway.

High court judge, George Odunga directed the county government to form a Nairobi city management board and appoint Nairobi city manager within 60 days who will oversee the removal of the bumps. He also asked the Nairobi county government and the transport ministry to ensure that pedestrians make use of the foot bridges.

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) has said it will comply with a court order demanding removal all speed bumps and rumble strips on Thika Superhighway, adding that it has already advertised for the construction of four more new foot bridges.

Unnecessary speed and unmarked bumps on Kenyan roads have been blamed not for just causing traffic snurl ups but accidents as well.

Last year December, bumps erected at the karai area near Naivasha on the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway, were blamed for causing the horrific canter accident that killed 40 people.

Speed Bumps Causing Air Pollution

A UK health firm has argued that speed bumps cause air pollution and recommended the removal of the same.

According to officials at The The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence(Nice) vehicles created more emissions when they were speeding up and slowing down, as on congested motorways.


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