August 23, 2013


Smart phone, flat battery? How to improve battery life in Kenya’s latest must-have gadget. These tips will give you best you can get out of your smart phone use.

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Smart phone, flat battery? How to improve battery life

Smart phone, flat battery? How to improve battery life

Are you constantly presented with battery low alerts on your phone? This may be somewhat mundane Forum readers, but if you have a Smartphone you will no doubt have had a problem with the duration of your battery life, thanks to all the activities going on in your phone that end up draining the battery. Worry no more because this posting gives you six handy tips on how you can preserve more charge in your phone’s battery.

Turn off the touch tones: Turning off touch tones goes a long way in conserving your battery life and besides, the tones can be so irritating especially to the people around you, and you really don’t need them.

Dim your screen: Screen intensity consumes a lot of your battery’s charge. The brighter the screen, the more battery it requires thus deeming it a bit will save you some charge and some eye irritation especially if you are always glued on your screen for whats app chats and what have you.

Cut down on the auto-lock timer: The auto-lock allows your phone to automatically lock after a prescribed time of your choice. By making that duration shorter, less power will be used to run the screen hence saving you some battery charge.

Turn Bluetooth off: Avoid leaving your Bluetooth on constantly; apart from saving battery power, it also keeps your phone safe from hackers.

Turn the Wi-Fi off: Ensuring that you turn your Wi-Fi on only when you are using it will spare your phone some battery power because leaving it on at all times will drain your battery.

Avoid use of your phone while it’s charging: Most people have the habit of using their phones when charging but it weakens your battery power. When your battery goes low, it’s advisable to charge your phone then use it later and not simultaneously.


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