May 15, 2012


Three children have been tragically, and brutally, murdered in this country and the news of it only makes the 35th page.

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Three children murdered, their throats cut. Read more page 35…

Three children murdered, their throats cut. Read more page 35…

Botswana Children Herding Goats Near The Northern Tuli Game Reserve. Botswana

Three children, Roba Kiyya aged nine, Diid Iya aged six and Bato Dokota aged just three years old, were murdered last week at Dirib Gombo village just outside Marsabit. They had been herding their parents’ goats when they were attacked. All three little children had their throats cut. The assailants escaped. The day before a child was murdered by raiders in Songa in similar circumstances.

This tragic and appalling story of the murders of four innocent children only merited a two column, quarter page report hidden away on page 35 of the Daily Nation. In many other countries in the world it would have been front page news and resulted in a massive police operation to track down the killers.

The Kenya Forum asks, is life in Kenya so cheap? Is it just our newspaper editors and journalists who do not care? Or are they merely reflecting their market? If it is the latter it leads to the awful conclusion that perhaps many Kenyans don’t care either.


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