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Social events that have taken Nairobi’s entertainment industry by a storm have emerged to be fashion hot spots as fashionistas attending these events strive to outdo each other in order to stand out and better still, catch the eye of paparazzi’s and eventually appear in fashion blogs and magazines.

Apart from the traditional fashion magazines, fashion shows and TV shows that provide avenues to pick up fashion trends, local social events have joined the list as well.

Sheer clothing i.e. chiffon, lace, denim, leather and flashy colors have been the fashion craze in 2013 with the biggest events of the year being Blankets and Wine-the monthly music festival; the Mingle– the bi-monthly event that gives young professionals a platform to network over games; the Afro-Tiara fashion show; the Kenya Fashion Week, Masaku Sevens just to mention a few.

Below are pictures of fashionista’s who ‘killed’ it in 2013 events.

Nothing speaks elegance better than a sheer colourful high-low dress as witnessed during the Afro-Tiara fashion show

You can never go wrong with a simple sheer top in any outdoor occasion @ the Mingle

Ankara has been the’ in thing’ lately and this outfit at the Afro-Tiara fashion show just nailed it

Simply colourful

Pink and purple has never looked this good @Blankets & wine

Rugby events are all about colour and this girls seamed to have mastered the art of ‘colour blocking’ @Masaku sevens

The stripes pattern and the colour combination was fashionably correct @ the Mingle

This gal stood out at the Mingle in her denim coat and cropped pants

Don’t they just look stylish @ Masaku Sevens

This floral peplum dress was not only lovely but it complimented her body as well @Blankets & Wine

Simply trendy @Masaku Sevens

The graphic print vest and the leather tights looked lovely

Lace just has a way of making an outfit sexy

Men have now plenty of options to wear and this graphic printed t-shirt ‘killed it’

Photos Courtesy of Niaje and Eye-con Photography


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