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March 19, 2013


As dreadlocks take off as the latest trend in Kenyan men’s fashion, we warn that dreadlocks are being stolen in South Africa. Opportunistic thieves may soon come for yours here.

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Dreadlocks being stolen in South Africa, beware Kenyan readers

Dreadlocks being stolen in South Africa, beware Kenyan readers

Hairstyles are a fashion statement; they’re not functional. There was a time when the Afro was the ‘in thing’, and then came the braids, weaves and wigs for the ladies, dreadlocks, and then the mo-hawk, which looks like it’s here to stay.

Celebrities have often been the inspiration for hairstyling and clothes designs, with women mostly aping styles from female musicians and actors while for men it’s mostly from footballers it seems.

One hairstyle in particular has been growing in popularity in Kenya.

Unlike in the past years in Kenya where dreadlocks were associated with members of the outlawed Mungiki sect, people have come to embrace braided Bob Marley-style locks as a social acceptable mop for the top, especially since they appear neat in the way they are styled today.


But here’s a warning… In South Africa ‘dreadlock thieves’ have been the cause of a new wave of crime.

It is reported that that the love of dreadlocks combined with the lack of the patience and time it takes to sport lengthy ones has resulted in people opting to take the shortcut and buy dreads instead, a demand which in turn that has led to a crime wave targeting dreadlocked people where they are robbed and their long treasured locks cut off for sale.

Shoulder length dreadlocks are said to be sold between 200 rand (Sh 1,878) and 700 rand (Sh 4,574) while longer ones cost as much as 2000 rand (Sh 18,783). Stylists are said to use a new styling method known as crocheting to infuse the stolen hair to a client’s hair and give them long-locked hair instantly.

What would the main man Bob Marley have said?! So beware would-be Rastafari style seekers. Watch out for the dreadlock thieves and keep your hair on.


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