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December 9, 2013


The uptick in fashion shows in this country is going great things for the emerging Kenyan fashion designer scene.

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Fashion shows promoting Kenyan fashion designers

Fashion shows promoting Kenyan fashion designers

That the Kenyan fashion industry is gradually producing a crop of young and upcoming designers, including our very own president’s son venturing into the field, is a clear indication of the potential within the industry. Even though recent studies have shown that Kenyans buy fewer local designs, the situation does seem to be changing as the demand for unique and authentic outfits keeps rising.

Unlike in the past, Kenyans are also becoming more aware of existing local designers especially with the creation of numerous fashion show events that give designers a platform to showcase their wares to fashion enthusiasts. These include the Kenya Fashion Week and FAFA among others.


Kat Models has partnered with Cesca Management Company to bring to fashion lovers the Fran Tiara fashion show, an event which according to the organizers is geared towards bringing fashion enthusiasts to “one platform of interaction. The fashion show will provide a marketing platform for both new and established designers, promoting them to new buyers and clientele.

“We invite people who would make orders and buy, not just enthusiasts who’ll be thrilled with the runway show.” said Lilian Mc Anyona, MD Kat Models Kenya, adding that unlike many fashion shows which only concentrate on the runway bit, the Fran Tiara show will give room for interactions between the designers and potential buyers.

The event will go take place at the 680 Hotel on 20th December from 6pm. [More details].

Among the top designers who will showcase their wares on the catwalk is  Malindi based Phina Marcotte and Enzi Porter creations. Celebrated Kenyan designer Kaveke is also expected to make a  guest appearance.


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