March 13, 2017


Riverwood Academy Awards 2017. Here is the full list of winners of all the awards at the Riverwood Academy Awards ceremony.

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Riverwood Academy Awards 2017: full list of winners

Riverwood Academy Awards 2017: full list of winners

The 4th edition of the Riverwood Academy Awards, which aims to celebrate the best of low-budget local film, went down yesterday in a red carpet event at the Kenya national theater.

Riverwood Ensemble focuses on cinema by Africans for Africans, which cuts across the socio-cultural boundaries of the continent, defying all artificial geographical and political barriers capturing the essence of the African tales by moonlight with themes which know no colour, language, or nationality but which by themselves are a reflection in the mind of the individual of his own experiences and environment.

Below is the full list of winners;

  1. Best Film – Kizingo.
  2. Lifetime Achievement Award – Raymond Ofula.
  3. Best TV Series – Mama Duka
  4. Best Leading Actor In A Tv Series – John Oron.
  5.  Best Overal Actor – Anubhav Ghard.
  6. Best Supporting Actor – Peter Mweu ((Cama Wa Ruo))
  7. best Supporting Actress – Sally Atieno (Zililala)
  8. Best Original Score – Spensa
  9. Best Sound Mixing – Kunjan Dholokai (Once Upon A Time)
  10. Best Cinematography – Zilizala.
  11.  Best Editing In A TV Series – Fred Odhiambo (Sumu La Penzi).
  12. Best Script Writer In A Tv Series – Lol Awat (Mama Duka).
  13. Best Vernacular Tv Series –Haiyaiya
  14. Best Vernacular Movie – Cama Wa Ruo
  15. Best Documentary 0 Structures Of Hope
  16. Best Animation – Elimu Tales
  17. Best TV Commercial – Bonyea *699#
  18. Best Invisible Cuffs – Invisible Cuffs
  19. Best Short Film – Seed

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