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Kenyans of Twitter respond to ‘terror hotbed’ label of Kenya

Kenyans of Twitter respond to ‘terror hotbed’ label of Kenya

Since the inception of social media it’s now a well-known fact in Kenya that; hell has no fury like   Kenyans on twitter (KOT) scorned. CNN has rattled Kenyans today over a byline during their live news broadcast, which Kenyans are considering to have been written in bad taste and KOT has unleashed its wrath.

The network under the headline “Terror Threat” termed Kenya as a “terror hotbed” which poses a  security risk to president Obama ahead of his much anticipated visit to the country tomorrow.

CNN went further to report that intelligence reports from the U.S. intelligence indicated an attack in Kenya during Obama’s visit is imminent.

“President Barack Obama is not just heading to his father’s homeland, but to a hotbed of terror. Al-Shabaab militants in East Africa are now posing new worries for the President’s trip to Kenya this week,” CNN further reported on its website.

KOT did not take the term “hot bed of terror” being used in reference to their country lightly and have taken to Twitter under the hashtag #SomeOneTellCNN, which is trending worldwide, to condemn the network for the allusion, which is seen as a way of discrediting the country’s position as the host of the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).

CNN has in the past received criticism for sensationalizing reports from Africa. Below are some of the reactions from KOT;

Perpetual Gunner: #SomeoneTellCNN to go and hug a transformer if they can’t deal with the fact that POTUS is coming to his real home finally.

Just Arnold: #SomeoneTellCNN that the US took more than 10yrs to capture Osama Bin Laden. We had to make a KENYAN-OBAMA, to be the president to do it.

Mike Sonko: #SomeoneTellCNN that Kenya is heaven on earth #MagicalKenya.

Machel Waikenda: #SomeoneTellCNN that Kenya is a Blessed land with great people and many opportunities. NOT “terror beds” & terrorism is a global threat.

BasketMouth: #SomeoneTellCNN the only hot things we have in our beds are our women.

As Nigeria and Uganda would tell you based on experience; you just don’t want to be caught up in a tweef with KOT.


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