July 23, 2013


Life in Kenya: man jailed for calling his father a dog, bees ‘melting into thin air’, other interesting stories from across the country.

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Life in Kenya: man jailed for calling his father a dog, bees ‘melting into thin air’

Life in Kenya: man jailed for calling his father a dog, bees ‘melting into thin air’

Former Cabinet minister Dalmas Otieno got married at the weekend, for the third time.

In a ceremony held at the bride’s home in Homa Bay County, Mr Otieno became betrothed to Ms Dorothy Atieno Okello, an event witnessed by politicians from the region, including Governor Cyprian Awiti and Senator Otieno Kajwang.

It was, according to the press, a ‘colourful’ occasion and ‘a day of joy’ which met all the requirements of local custom, including a meeting between elders from Gem and Kangeso who accompanied Mr Otieno.

The elders from Gem were satisfied, it was reported, that Mr Otieno had met all the necessary conditions before he went on ‘to identify Miss Okello from among several women’ and thereafter her parents handed her over to the groom.

It was also reported that all concerned were satisfied that Dalmas Otieno had paid the right price of 46 head of cattle and a ‘bride price’ of Sh40,000.


A Mr Emilio Gichovi, a 28 year-old man from Embu, was found guilty last week of unlawfully creating a disturbance and breaching the peace by abusing his father. Mr Gichovi apparently called his father a dog and alleged that he was also HIV positive.

What’s it worth?

Senior principal magistrate Paul Biwott said the offence was a serious one: “An adult should not behave in such a derogatory manner”, said Mr Biwott prior to sentencing Gichovi. “Do you want to tell us that you were born a dog?” he continued. “To falsely claim your father is HIV positive shows a lack of manners”.

The price paid by Emilio Gichovi for verbally abusing his father? Magistrate Biwott said he would set an example to serve as a lesson to others. Gichovi was sentenced to three years in prison!


A Mr Samuel Mukusi was questioned by residents of Ng’araria location, Kandara, and asked why he was selling a goat so cheaply at only Sh1,000. Apparently he did not give a “satisfactory answer”, it was reported by The Star. So they beat him to death, suspecting the goat to have been stolen from the neighbouring Gatanga district.


Strange goings on in Kitui town.

A motorcycle rider popped into a chemist leaving his bike outside. When he returned he found a swarm of bees on the passenger seat whereupon the bees promptly attacked him and he ran away.

One local bystander reported that the bees then “just melted into thin air as mysteriously as they had appeared.”

Curiously the motorcycle rider frightened off by the bees did not return for his machine. Residents suspect that he had in fact stolen it and the bees had been place on the passenger seat by the owner.


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