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How to pull off the latest fashion trends in Kenya

How to pull off the latest fashion trends in Kenya

It has been said that a woman dresses for other women more than she dresses for the man in her life. The only difference comes in her intentions; for the former it’s to compete while for the latter, it’s to impress.

Well you can’t blame a woman for wanting to stand out for being the best dressed in a room. After all, if you manage to attain this acclamation, it automatically gets you the attention from every normal testosterone-driven male in the room; isn’t that what we call killing two birds with one stone?!

Kenyan women are definitely scoring top marks when it comes to fashion. In the words of my well travelled friend who has a flair for fashion: “Nairobi women are arguably some of the most well dressed women in the world,” he says.


Every season comes with trends that come and go depending on how ‘hot’ they are. It’s understandable for anyone to have the desire and the urge to rock a latest trend. The problem however comes in when some does an injustice to a hot trend and ends up looking like a clown at the end of the day.

Dressing up just like any other skill is more of a gift, while some can pull off any look with ease, for others it requires a little research here and there to manage. If you fall in the latter category, do not despair because the following advice is for you, highlighting the latest trends as well as giving you tips on how to pull them off with ease.



The floral trend has been here for some time and nothing brings out the girly look more than a floral sun dress but the number one mistake most women make when dressing is forgetting how to work with their body types.

When doing florals, pairing different sizes in one outfit gives you room to work with your body type. For example, if you have a pear body type, wearing larger prints on top will accentuate your small top, while small prints on the bottom will bestow a slimming effect hence giving you the balance your body needs.
Going mix and match with the floral gives you the same privilege as well as that edgy look.

Lace dresses

From the 16th century right up to 2013, lace has been part of the fashion spectrum. Lace looks more elegant when used as an overlay, where the inside fabric is a solid colour. Wearing a contrasting shade on the inner fabric works magic especially when paired with shoes in the same colour, or in a metallic.

For the bold personalities, pairing your denims with a plain lace top for an evening out will definitely send eyes rolling.  The best way to get the most of the lace craze is to bare the areas of your body you want to flaunt with lace while covering the other parts that you would prefer to ‘conceal’ in bold fabrics.

Lace is not limited to outfits only but comes in accessories like hair clips/bands, scarves and shoes as well, so go ahead and experiment.


Sheer and chiffon clothing has a way of bringing out that classy look and the best thing with chiffon is that it gives you room to experiment with different outfits, from tops to dresses.

For tops, chiffon works better when the outfit is a bit loose on the body. Wear a colourful brassiere that is in the same family colour with your chiffon top to make the look more beguiling.

Looking good has never been that easy, you need to invest lots of time and resources on clothing so make sure the outcome is definitely worth the effort!


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