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March 31, 2021


Radio presenter Shaffie Weru has sued his former employer, Radio Africa.

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Shaffie Weru Sues Radio Africa For “Unlawful” Termination

Shaffie Weru Sues Radio Africa For “Unlawful” Termination

Embattled Radio presenter Shaffie Weru has sued his former employer, Radio Africa, over what he says was “unlawful termination fuelled by social media pressure”, following the recent decision to fire him and his two colleagues over comments they made on March 25 on its morning show against a victim of Gender-Based Violence.

Sh 21m Compensation

Shaffie Weru is through his lawyers, asking for a total of Sh 21 Million in compensation; One month’s salary in lieu of notice (Sh, 682,500), 12 months Salary for unfair termination (Sh 8,190,000), Gratuity (1 month for every year of service) Sh 12,285, 000.

The lawyers argue that their client (Shaffie Weru) is was a star performer, who has worked for Radio Africa for 18 years with a monthly salary of Sh, 682,500 and did not breach any obligations in his contract of service to warrant summary dismissal and that the process followed by Radio Africa was “unjust”.

“Unfair Termination”

“It is clear that the reason for terminating the contract of our client was not valid and unfair as required under section 45 of the Employment Act. It is evident that in all circumstances of the case you did not act with justice and equity in terminating the employment of our client,” the demand letter reads in part

The lawyers have given Radio Africa a seven-day notice to act, failure to which they shall proceed with the necessary legal action at the defendant’s cost.

During their morning show on March 25, Shaffie Weru, Joseph Munoru (DJ Mfalme) and Neville Muysa made comments that appeared to victim shame and justify sexual assault against women.

Radio Africa had first suspended the trio for two weeks but moved to terminate their services over what they termed as “Gross Misconduct” following a massive public outcry that saw brands like East African Breweries Limited (EABL) suspend advertising with the station.

Kenya has quite progressive labour laws and the suit by Shaffie Weru has legal backing. The case throws a spanner in the works in the whole saga surrounding his termination, which has also caught the attention of international media.


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