November 11, 2013


Surveys on who cheats more? Men or women? Can we trust the results? We look into survey results and we query how they were arrived at.

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Surveys on who cheats more? Men or women? Can we trust the results?

Surveys on who cheats more? Men or women? Can we trust the results?

The Standard on Sunday followed up last week’s survey into infidelity (see Kenya Forum, ‘How does Kenyan society view infidelity in women compared with men?’, Friday 8) with another survey on infidelity, this time by region of Kenya. It seems you are a naughty lot, particularly in the Rift Valley, if you believe the figures…


The survey published under the headline Rift Valley leads infidelity as marriage faces stern challengesays that 76 per cent of Rift Valley adult residents have caught their spouse cheating, 14 per cent suspect their spouse of cheating, and 10 per cent have been told their partner has a ‘wondering eye’ (we suspect the Standard journalist Daniel Wesangula meant ‘wandering eye’ but then of course a ‘wandering eye’ might lead someone to wonder if they had a chance).

The main reasons given for this cheating, or would-be cheating, was reported to be the distance between couples, domestic quarrels, the pursuit of a thrill, sexual dissatisfaction and ‘emotional disconnection’.  People on the Coast cited the lack of money as problem.


Of course the Standard couldn’t help but list the results for each region of Kenya like some sort of music chart: The ‘Coast region is second’ wrote Wesangula (must do better next year if you are going to beat the Rift Valley!), ‘Eastern Province came third’, and so on.

The survey said that 67 per cent of Coast region adults had caught their spouses cheating, 20 per cent suspected him or her of infidelity’ and 14 per cent had been told of their partners ‘meandering ways’.

Let’s hold it there with the league table of Kenya infidelity. Have you noticed something?


If the Standard’s survey figures are in any way to be believed it would mean that 100 per cent of adults in the Rift Valley region (76% + 14% + 10% = 100%) are cheating on their partners, are suspected of cheating, or are alleged to be cheating. The figures tally up the same for the Coast region, 67% + 20% + 14% = 100%!

There are certainly some cheating, randy, philandering so-and-sos out there, in Rift Valley, on the Coast, or anywhere else but every single one of you?

It just goes to show, says the Kenya Forum, that there are lies, damn lies and statistics… and then there are sex surveys.


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