July 9, 2014


The trailer for a new film brought to you by the producers of ‘House of Lungula’, called ‘Fundi-mentals’ has been released.

Watch it here.

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Trailer for new film by producers of ‘House of Lungula’: ‘Fundi-mentals’

Trailer for new film by producers of ‘House of Lungula’: ‘Fundi-mentals’

The makers of House of Lungula, Kenya’s first sexy comedy which is arguably the most talked about movie of the year 2013 have released the trailer for their next movie, Fundi-mentals, which is set to be released towards the end of the year.


The storyline of Fundi-mentals revolves around the lives of two Fundis (handymen), Joseph (Gerald Langiri) and his assistant Moses (Charlie Karumi) who like to think of themselves as the best Fundis in Kinoo estate despite their unorthodox methods of fixing things.

A new Multinational Service Company sets upm its base in town throwing their trade into jeopardy and to avoid going out of business, they introduce to their female customers a new type of s-express service with hilarious results to leave you in stitches.


The word ‘Fundamentals’ is very popular among Kenyans, only that here it bears a different meaning from its original one. The word gained massive popularity after Ken Wa Maria, a local Kamba musican, sang a song entitled fundamentals purportedly refering to the ‘assets’ of a woman and since then the word became Kenyan slang term for that.

Judging from the title, House Of Lungula and now Fundi-mentals, Historia Films seems to be creatively capitalizing on the very common ‘naughty’ and very familiar Kenyan slang for their storylines and this only means that the movies tell ‘our’ story.

As the producer Alex Konstantaras revealed, the idea for Fundi-mentals was inspired by a scene during the filming of House of Lungula. “There is a scene where the main character (Gerald Langiri) pretends that he is a fundi who fixes a chimney in order to come out from a difficult situation and that scene inspired me to come up with a character about a fundi who thinks that he can fix anything using unprofessional means,” Alex said.


Just as with House Of LungulaFundimentals features a star studded cast including the likes of Gerald Langiri, Charlie Karumi, Florence Nduta, Lizz Njagah, Kalekye Mumo, Neomi Ng’ang’a, Veronica Waceke, Ruth Maingi, Milkah Ndegwa and Ojiambo Ainea among others.

Historia films got 10 nominations in this year’s Kalasha thanks to their debut film, House Of Lungula which also screened  internationally as well. Actress Lizz Njagah announced early this week that the movie will soon be available in Luo and Kikuyu dialects.


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