July 17, 2017


CAK: ‘We will not shut down the internet’. The Communications Authority of Kenya says it has no plans to shut down the internet.

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CAK: ‘We will not shut down the internet’

CAK: ‘We will not shut down the internet’

The communications authority of Kenya (CAK) has said that it does not plan to shut down the internet but has cautioned Kenyans to exercise responsible use of social media.

“We are not, unfortunately, thinking about what people have been going around saying that we are planning to shut down the internet ahead of the August elections. We are unlikely to do that; we will ensure that the internet is up and running for Kenyans to access information,” said CA Director General Francis Wangusi.

Wangusi, however, said that the body is cracking down on social media sites that are spreading hate speech and will deal with them accordingly.

“We are watching this platforms, we have enough tools particularly on social media platforms and are alert and every other time we are scavenging on words that are likely to lead to incitement and violence and whenever we come across them we are pulling the systems down,” he said.

NCIC puts Whatsapp group admins on notice

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) chairman Francis Ole Kaparo has put WhatsApp group admins on notice saying they will be responsible for hate messages shared.

Kaparo also said that they’ve identified 21 WhatsApp groups which are spreading hate messages and police are hunting down admins.

“There are terrible people on social media, who are hell-bent on causing unnecessary anxiety across the country by posting false things and pictures that would lead to unnecessary interruption of normal order,” Kaparo said.

“We are having in conjunction with the police a major crackdown on those who misuse social media and the best way to reach them is through the administrators, so tell the admins we are coming for you” he said.

Kaparo also urged Kenyans to respect the institutions we have created.

“Stop cannibalizing, give IEBC the space, time and room to deliver the elections, you can’t judge it before it happens,” he said.


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