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November 5, 2013


Clothing brand, Woolworths, recalls its gold-coloured sandals over safety concerns. Warning that they can cut your feet.

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Woolworths recalls gold-coloured sandals over safety concerns

The Woolworths chain of stores famed for their up market clientele have recalled 13,000 pairs of summer sandals selling in their stores due to safety concerns for their consumers.

A notice from Woolworths in today’s Daily Nation reads:

‘We are recalling these sandals due to concerns over the safety of our customers, as the gold-coloured metal strip has sharp edges which could cause injury. We guarantee the quality of everything we sell and would never compromise the safety and well-being of our customers.’


The notice continues:

‘If you recently bought a pair of these sandals in white, black or brown, (style number 502051096) please take them back to any Woolworths clothing store for a full refund. you’ll find the style number under the foot strap.’


On their Facebook page, the Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) applauded Woolworths for taking responsibility and at the same time admonished the Kenya Bureau Of Standards for their silence on the matter.

VOLUNTARY RECALLS: First of a kind as Woolworths chain recalls its #502051096 sandals over metal strip safety concerns for consumers even as Kenya Bureau of Standards continues to maintain its silence of conspiracy. Congratulations to the South Africa firm for being positively proactive’, read the statement from COFEK.


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