January 22, 2014


Has the government given up on security? This is the question we must ask ourselves as the country is increasingly unstable and violent.

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Has the government given up on security?

Has the government given up on security?

Insecurity has become so rampant in the country and the situation is likely to get worse if nothing is done. The most recent case of crime that has hit the counties is in Narok town where residents are now living in terror following mysterious attacks and the murder of 10 people in Majengo slum in the past four days.

Three men were hacked to death on Saturday night and a woman was brutally attacked and raped. She later succumbed to her injuries at the Narok District Hospital.

According to police and residents, the violent crimes are being perpetrated by a marauding gang of criminals who are attacking victims by slashing them on the forehead.

Kajiado County is also grappling with cases of insecurity and residents of Nkama village, Mashru District took to the streets in protest of increased cases of crime in the area that have left several boda boda operators dead.


Over the last two weeks, North Eastern Kenya has been hit by a conflict following attacks and counter attacks between the Gabras and Borana communities in Moyale District. These clashes have led to loss of lives and displacement of people both internally and in the neighbouring Ethiopia.

As a result, Jubilee legislators have threatened to have the Marsabit County government dissolved and the management of the county affairs reverted to the national government as it has failed the leadership.

Cord leaders on the other end have criticized this threat and termed it a ploy to destabilize devolution.

“We are warning them that they will meet stiff resistance if they attempt to dissolve Marsabit County government.” said Raila Odinga adding that the Jubilee government is on a mission to destroy devolved governments.


Insecurity has always been rife in North Eastern and the situation is likely to have an impact on the entire country’s stability if not contained because the current situation seems to have been propelled by the National Government remiss in dealing with the insecurity that has also hit the region.

Disarmaments programmes that have been carried out in the region before might not have solved much considering the porous borders that make it so easy for communities to get ammunition from neighbouring countries and also allows for illegal immigrants in the country. Communities which had earlier surrendered their weapons will definitely re-arm themselves in order to protect themselves because the government has failed to do so.

Mandera County for instance borders Ethiopia and Somalia and Turkana County borders the now war-torn South Sudan and with the influx of refugees in the country the insecurity situation is likely set to heighten if overlooked by the national government. It’s therefore prudent to tighten security at these borders.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) warned the other day that the influx of refugees from South Sudan to neighbouring countries like Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia will possibly affect these countries’ resources.

Cases of rape still high


Apart from the above crimes that target masses, there has also been a rise of other cases such as rape and minors have been the target lately. Hardly does a day pass without a defilement case being reported in the news and what we get to hear is only the cases that have been reported as most go unreported.

A recent case is that of the unfortunate eight year old girl who was abducted as she walked home from school, sexually abused, murdered and her body dumped in a bush near Kamukunji Primary School in Nyandarua West. Her parents found the body, “with blood oozing from her private parts.”

Cases of robbery with violence and kidnappings have also become common. Last week unknown assailants armed with crude weapons raided the Total petrol station on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and hacked 5 workers to death before making away with Sh1m.


The Westgate terrorist attack that rocked the country in September last year also exposed a security laxity from the government and its really crucial for the government to pay attention at the security situation in the country and come up with adequate measures to change the situation because as it is, security seems to be on the bottom end of the governments priority list.


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