October 30, 2015


#Maina10MillionMission: Kshs 26 million has been raised as part of Maina Kageni’s bid to fundraise for children with cancer.

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#Maina10MillionMission: Kshs 26 million raised for cancer treatment

#Maina10MillionMission: Kshs 26 million raised for cancer treatment

Celebrated radio personality, Maina Kageni, has with the help of Kenyans surpassed his sh 10M target in the initiative, #Maina10MillionMission, which aims to raise funds to purchase treatment equipment for children with cancer at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

“Let’s raise the money for our little heros and heroines in need of better cancer treatment equipment.

I’m not leaving the studio until we raise this money!!!! We have identified the manufacturers… no middle men….. And what we’ll deliver to KNH will be equipment, not a single shilling,” Maina said while urging Kenyans to join him in raising the money.

In a record six hours on air in Radio Africa’s Classic 105, Maina managed to raise over 26 million.

“20.2 Million Is what we have collected today 6 Million is what we have in pledges. Total: 26.2 Million #Maina10MillionMission Thank you! “He tweeted, to the joy of Kenyans.

The money raised in the initiative, which runs with the slogan, Be a Hero To a Little Hero will be used to buy equipment such as Chemo ports, infusion pumps and chemo chairs for cancer kids.

Childhood cancer accounted for 15% of cancer admissions at KNH [1998-2008] with recent figures indicating that only 1 in every 10 children survive cancer in Kenya, compared to 7 in 10 in developed nations. Maina’s initiative aims to reduce the number of children who die of cancer in the country.

Cancer is the 3rd highest cause of morbidity in Kenya [7% of deaths per year], after infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Its reported that 30% of cancers are curable if detected early; 30% of cancers are treatable with prolonged survival if detected early; 30% of cancer patients can be provided with adequate symptom management and palliative care.

Sadly,70-80% of cancer cases are diagnosed in late stages due to : Lack of awareness; —Inadequate diagnostic facilities; —Lack of treatment facilities; High cost of treatment; High poverty Index.


You can make your contributions through mpesa by the following procedure;

Go to MPesa > Lipa Na MPesa > Buy Goods And Services > Till number 920841

Be a hero to a little hero.


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