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September 28, 2013


‘Imminent’, terrorist attacks anticipated in Kenya. Following the Westgate terror attack, more are likely. Warnings from US and police.

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‘Imminent’, terrorist attacks anticipated in Kenya

‘Imminent’, terrorist attacks anticipated in Kenya


Security alerts emanating from the Kenyan Police and the US Embassy in Nairobi warn imminent terrorist attacks expected in Kenya from Al-Shabaab militia groups and call for vigilance.

The alerts assert that suicide bombers have already been dispatched to at least four unknown destinations in Kenya and reached their respective targets and could stage attacks at any time.

The main targets, the alerts warn, are likely to be transport facilities such as airports, train services and buses from and to Mombasa, and major towns such as Kisumu, Nyeri, Nakuru, Garissa and Thika.

Everyone is asked to be extra vigilant, report any suspicious behavior or items, and to avoid crowded areas.


The US Embassy in Nairobi has announced that it will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, and possibly longer, following warnings from the Pentagon that the threat of a terrorist attack in Kenya had increased significantly since the end of the Westgate shopping mall siege.


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