October 1, 2022


Drink driving remains the main cause of accidents when it comes to pedestrians crossing the roads.

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Pedestrians Main Casualties On Kenya’s Roads – NTSA Report

Pedestrians Main Casualties On Kenya’s Roads – NTSA Report

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The latest report from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) shows yet again that pedestrians form the highest number of casualties on Kenya’s roads and increasingly so.

By 26th September this year 1,269 pedestrians had lost their lives on the road, up from 1,144 deaths in the same period last year.

The worst month for pedestrian deaths was again July, 487 in July 2022 compared with 432 in July 20211.

Motorcyclists provide the second most lethal form of transport with 941 to September 26th this year compared with 912 for the same period last year.
Motorcyclists’ passengers also do not fare well with 634 killed for thee period to September 26th, up from 527 last year.

A total of 3,541 people died in some form of road traffic accident in the first nine months of 2022, up from 3,320 for the equivalent period in 2021.

Drink Driving Main Cause of Accidents

Quoted in the national press, John Cheboi, Head of Corporate Communication at Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), said that drink driving remains the main cause of accidents when it comes to pedestrians crossing the roads.

Cheboi said, “Also pedestrians who drink underestimate the speed of vehicles thus being killed by hit and run vehicles”.

A further problem leading to pedestrian deaths is that some will not use the footbridges provided.

“Some Kenyans are just hard headed”, said Cheboi, “and do not want to use footbridges but deliberately compete with speeding vehicles on the roads”.

Traffic Crashes “Predictable and Preventable”

NTSA Director General George Njau also commented tat pedestrian deaths and injuries, as with other road traffic crashes, are predictable and preventable.

“Risk factors associated with pedestrian safety”, said Njau, “relate to driver behavior and failure to use available facilities such as sidewalks and pedestrian crossings”.

Njau continued: “Motorists contribute to pedestrian fatalities in actions such as distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving and inexperienced driving, among other risk factors”.

Deaths on Kenya’s Roads 2017 – 2022

Type 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 as at 26th Sept.
Pedestrians 1,060 1,205 1,390 1,383 1,557 1,269
Drivers 314 306 345 347 446 324
Passengers 773 746 704 580 767 634
Pillion Passengers 219 247 348 439 451 324
Cyclists 57 63 74 90 87 49
Motor Cyclists 496 591 725 1,136 1,271 941
TOTAL 2,919 3,158 3,586 3,975 4,579 3,541
Average No. deaths per day 7.99 8.65 9.82 10.89 12.54 13.2

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