September 13, 2016


Three women, alleged jihadists, attack Mombasa police station with firearms. This is being considered as a change in Al-Shabaab tactics.

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Three women, alleged jihadists, attack Mombasa police station

Three women, alleged jihadists, attack Mombasa police station

The attack at Mombasa central police station on Sunday by female terrorists goes ahead to affirm the change in tactics by the Al-Shabaab militia, which has continued to hit Kenya and especially following the launch of Operation Linda Nchi in 2011.

In the Sunday attack,three armed women were gunned down by police when they attacked the police station. The women wore thin bulletproof jackets and were clad in Bui Bui. Three other women, who shared a house with the slain ones, have also been arrested.

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar said that the attack should be taken seriously because it was the first time in Kenya that terrorists were putting women in the frontline.

“I have always known that whenever the women go as jihad brides, they give moral support but it is the first time I have seen women in our community treated as first-line combatants in executing terror,” he said.

In an article posted on the Kenya Forum in April 2015, titled; PRESIDENT UHURU, WE NEED NEW TACT TO TACKLE INSECURITY IN KENYA, our correspondent Winnie Kabintie highlighted the change in tact by terror groups urging president Uhuru to scale up our security apparatus.

Terror attacks that have been launched in other countries across the globe are a good indication of the changing face of terrorism. The attack in Nice, France for instance in July 2016 where a terrorist used a truck to kill dozens of people as they celebrated Bastille Day. 

Last week President Uhuru launched a new National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism (NCVE) and we can only hope that initiative will go a long away in boosting security measures as far as terrorism goes.


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