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March 24, 2017


CJ Maraga sued over expensive court fees. A citizen has moved to sue the Chief Justice over what is seen as too expensive fees.

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CJ Maraga sued over expensive court fees

CJ Maraga sued over expensive court fees

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A concerned citizen has moved to court to sue chief justice David Maraga and the registrar of the judiciary over what he terms as high legal fees.

Mr Jacob Osoro argues that court fees charged in cases dealing with infringement of rights are too high for wananchi and is seeking have them scrapped on grounds that the fees do not promote or fulfill the rights and freedom in the Bill of Rights.

“Every day that passes without a mention to the court on the enforcement of constitutional rights, due to economic barriers. It is not just the right of approach to the Court to enforce a right which potentially denies others their right,” said Osoro’s lawyer Gregory Nyauchi.

Mr Osoro wants the Chief Justice ordered to change the existing rules to indicate that no fee may be charged for filing cases as they are preventing majority of Kenyans from accessing legal counsel.

Coincidentally, Attorney General, Githu Muigai while speaking during an LSK luncheon yesterday urged lawyers to start thinking about the Advocate’s Remuneration Order.

“My office has already been served a notice by the CAK and the monopolies commission saying that the order is being abused. We should start thinking about this before the government does it for us because I can assure you that then it will only go in one direction,” Githu Muigai said.


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