March 20, 2017


Cooking gas prices to increase for Kenyans. The Treasury is looking to put in measures that will bring the price back down.

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Cooking gas prices to increase for Kenyans

Cooking gas prices to increase for Kenyans

Consumers will have to dig deeper in their already stretched pockets following an increase in Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

According to data by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Prices have increased by an average of Sh330. This has been attributed to rising cost in importing LPG.

There has been an increased uptake of cooking gas in households since July last year following the Treasury’s waiver of value added tax on LPG, which saw prices reduce drastically for the first time in history. Statistics at the KNBS indicate that consumption of LPG increased by 180,830MT in 20016 from 62650MT in 2015.

Treasury also reduced the import duty on energy efficient stoves with similar stoves and cookers that use gas, electricity and other fuels from 25% to 10%.

Kenya’s inflation has been rising rapidly for the past one year, owing to the high cost food. Last month inflation stood at a high of 9.04 per from 6.99 per cent in January, the highest rise to be recorded since June 2012.

Prices of basic commodities such as Unga, sugar, fuel and rent continue to hit the roof and the song in every Mwanachi’s mouth is; “Wacha hii siasa ipite tuone ama mambo yatakuwa sawajameni/ we really hope that things will get better after the elections.


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