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November 2, 2023


While you cannot do anything about the growing numbers in your age, you can do a lot to stop it from showing.

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How to avoid aging

How to avoid aging

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Expensive creams, beauty treatments, desi hacks, we do everything in our might to cease the incoming of the devil called wrinkles. A slow metabolism, declining stamina, setting in of chronic illnesses are some more troublesome signs of ageing.

While you cannot do anything about the growing numbers in your age, you can do a lot to stop it from showing.

A steady fitness routine. Creating a regular exercise routine helps you steer clear of chronic diseases, helps build stamina and strong muscles, and keeps you physically agile and just like that hide years off your age.

Frank Frisch, PhD, director of Kinesiology at Chapman University in Orange, California says that exercise makes you feel younger than you are. Here are some workouts that will keep the real age from showing.


Yoga does not work on specific body parts but on your overall well being. Yoga experts believe that Yoga helps you stay younger for longer. There are specific facial Yoga that help keep the wrinkles away. Agrees Yoga expert Dinesh Dagar, “Stress is the biggest killer today. Yoga helps reduce stress thereby not letting its after effects reflect on your face and body.”


Most women shy away from weight lifting but that should not be the case if you want to have good bone health. Fitness experts as well as medical experts believe that weight training helps combat the onset of Osteoporosis. However, make sure that you practice weight training under proper guidance.


Squats target the biggest muscles in the human body. They not only burn calories but also keep your legs strong. Most of us squat a lot during the day without even realizing, which makes the perfect squat posture all the more important. Picking heavy grocery bags or lifting a kid, they all require you to squat. An incorrect squat posture can lead to injuries and you surely do not want that.


There have been studies that say walking reduces the risk of dementia by one third. Not only does it protect you from that evil, a recent study stated that walking also helps improve your cardiovascular health. A healthy heart is a great means for a youthful body.


Celebrity fitness instructor Deepesh Bhatt says, “Compound moves are extremely effective as compared to isolation moves. They give you an intense workout in a shorter span. It makes you hit more muscle fibers and makes your workout more effective.”


Cardio is recommended even by many beauty experts for a younger looking skin. Cardio workouts such as swimming, cycling and dance up your heart rates, as a result pumping more blood in your body. Better circulation helps strengthen our heart and give us a beautiful skin.
Important things to note before you start exercising

It is clear that exercise can really be the answer to semi-perpetual youth that keeps our bodies and minds in the pink of health. But before you jump straight into daily exercise routines, there are some important points to note that will help ease the transition into an active lifestyle.

• Progressive, gradual build-ups

The longer you have not exercised, the slower you should take it at the start. Many people refuse to exercise because they feel like they have not done it in forever and are too old to start now. That’s not true at all! However, starting at an older age means you will most likely have a weaker aerobic base, so it’s necessary to take it slow and steady and start with lower-intensity aerobic exercises.

• Stay injury-free by keeping within safe limits

Injuries go hand-in-hand with recklessness, so make sure you don’t overestimate your limits and take on workouts that are too vigorous for you. It’s best to consult a doctor or personal trainer that will offer you advice on what forms of training are most suitable for you, whether it’s balance or strength training.

• Keep it simple

You don’t have to sign up for expensive packages at a boutique gym or install a full set of exercise equipment in your home. Exercise doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate – simple activities like jogging along the beach or taking the stairs regularly are good enough starts. Besides, lots of everyday objects can make for good makeshift exercise equipment too! Large stadium seats can be a good place for triceps dips, and ordinary drink cartons can make for efficient makeshift weights. If you would like something a little more targeted, community/neighbourhood exercise parks/corners make for great places to do affordable but effective workouts.

• Don not compare the past with the present

A mistake that many people make is bench-marking their present level of fitness against that of their younger selves. Most of us can not be as fast or strong as we used to. While there is nothing wrong with pushing your limits safely, it’s important to recognise how your body has changed over the years. Instead, focus on what is current as the level of activity your body would benefit from now isn’t the same as that of a younger person.

• Find your tribe

Exercising together with others is much better than doing it alone. When you’re struggling to finish that last set or jog that last few hundred metres, some social support really makes the difference! It’s easy to find a like-minded group of fitness enthusiasts if you participate actively in social events, such as joining interest clubs or signing up for community centre lessons.

With these tips in mind, your exercise plans will be much more practical and easier to sustain in the long run. But what exactly should go into your exercise routines?

As mentioned in the points earlier, aerobic exercises such as swimming or slow jogs are great for building up a strong and stable base. What’s even more important, however – especially if you’re starting to exercise only at an older age – is to focus on muscle and bone strength. These are essential areas to work on because they prevent injuries; not just during sports but also on a day-to-day basis.

These are some topics which can go a long way to help you stay looking younger.


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