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TIPS – How to Stay Productive While Working from Home During Covid-19

TIPS – How to Stay Productive While Working from Home During Covid-19

By Winnie Kabintie

Remote working is becoming popular in the fourth industrial revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic has seen more employers embracing the realities of having their employees work from home.

Productivity remains the ultimate goal for employees and the home environment brings plenty of distraction especially for people with families and it can be a bit of a challenge for beginners. So how can one stay productive while working from home?

This article will give you 4 tips to stay productive while working from home.

  1. Outline your work schedule in advance – planning is key if you’re going to get anything done and one of the things that will lay a great framework for working from home productively is outlining your schedule way in advance. This is where you identify when and how to work so that each day you know the hours that you’re supposed to be working and what you will be working on.
  2.  To-Do List – Once you’ve outlined your schedule, the next step that will help you stay productive while working from home is to come up with a to-do list. A to-do list helps you to stay focussed, organised and adhere to the timelines that you’ve established. Technology has made it quite easy to manage your to-do list and there are various Apps including Google’s Tasks,  that you can use to help you with this but the traditional pen and paper still work just fine.
  3.  Establish Boundaries – If you’re in a family set up then working from home is usually not a walk in the park due to the numerous distractions especially from the kids and it’s therefore prudent to establish boundaries and guard your working hours. So by outlining your work schedule in advance you’ll be able to communicate to your family members about the hours you will be busy with work and it makes it easy for them to understand and respect your working hours and accord you ample time.
  4. Step Out – Working from home can easily make you a slave to the house and it’s not healthy both physically and mentally. So it’s good to also make a habit of stepping out of the house and taking a walk.



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