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December 22, 2021


500,000 View Ouko murder documentary on YouTube. ‘Murder at Got Alila: Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko and Why?’ has been very popular.

The documentary has been praised for the thorough research that went into making it.

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500,000 watch Ouko murder documentary on YouTube

500,000 watch Ouko murder documentary on YouTube

The ‘ground-breaking’ documentary series on the murder of Kenya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Robert Ouko, has reached 500,000 ‘Views’ on YouTube. The original series broadcast in April 2017 for Citizen TV was watched over six consecutive nights by an estimated 1.5 million people each night.

This documentary sought to take a deeper dive into the murder of the much-loved Robert Ouko. It is a murder that has captivated the imagination of Kenyans for generations. Due it’s being such a pivotal moment in Kenyan history it has also been the subject of partisan and often intentional misdirection.

The ‘Murder and Got Alila’ documentary strips the story back to the facts. It avoids the large and looming hearsay accounts and informs the viewer of only what can and has been verified. It is definitely worth a watch.

‘Murder at Got Alila: Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko and Why?’ does very well with reviewers

What viewers wrote about Murder at Got Alila:

‘Best documentary to ever come out of Kenya… Thoroughly researched’

‘Such an articulate and informative documentary, which probably sets the base for further disclosure’

‘Great mentorship for upcoming political analysts. Great work!’

‘Should receive an award for this piece of investigative journalism’

‘Very good documentary. Sheds a new light which makes it even more intriguing’


If you want to read more about the Robert Ouko murder story, consider reading this article:

‘Murder of Dr Robert Ouko: what really happened’


Here’s your chance to view the six episodes of Murder at Got Alila: Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko and Why? (total running time 2 hours 39 minutes):

Episode 1: Murder – ‘In the Thickets by the Jordan’

Episode 2: The Washington Trip – ‘My Friend the President’

Episode 3: Molasses – ‘Prepare Your Defence’

Episode 4: Rivals, Relatives and Relations – ‘If You Stumble in Safe Country’

Episode 5: ‘Intimate Knowledge and Fertile Silences’ – The Risks of Knowledge

Episode 6: Lingering Doubts and Final Investigations – ‘If the Will Were There’


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