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October 17, 2013


Beware! Reports of prostitutes mugging Nairobi residents. A few anecdotal accounts of call girls perpetrating group robberies.

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Beware! Reports of prostitutes mugging Nairobi residents

Beware! Reports of prostitutes mugging Nairobi residents

Some prostitutes in Nairobi have taken to mugging innocent civilians.

Prostitutes are known to make a living out of exchanging sex for money hence the name ‘commercial sex workers’ as they are commonly referred to, but some it seems have expanded their illicit business to other avenues perhaps because business is low, or simply out of greed. Some prostitutes along the streets of Nairobi have taken to mugging unsuspecting innocent civilians of their belongings on the pretence that the victims are ‘clients’ who have refused to pay for ‘services’ rendered.


Yesterday, according to an eye witness account from George Mshillah, a resident of Nairobi who was walking along Luthuli Avenue around 7:30pm, some prostitutes just pounced on a man walking right ahead of him an accused the innocent young man of not paying up for their services. They then started beating him up.

“The dude was just walking and one of the girls grabbed him tight while shouting “nilipe wewe”/”can you pay me up” and before the man could react, four more women appeared from behind and showered him with slaps on the face and low blows. They robbed him of his belongings: including a wallet, phone and laptop while shouting “lazima utalipa”/ “you must pay up”. Before I reached out to him to help, the girls disappeared using different roads (Swara and Kharume lanes)”, said George.

The victim could not believe what just happened as he explained to curious onlookers (doing what they do best) that he was just going to grab a matatu and retire home after a hectic day at work, when out of the blue the commercial sex workers pounced on him.


It is anecdotal but it is certainly also a chilling story that makes this Kenya Forum correspondent realize that she just escaped a similar ordeal by a whisker a month ago around Simmers Restaurant along Kenyatta Avenue. Walking from the 680 Hotel towards Standard Street the area was typically crowded with call girls. There were these particular two girls who were leaning on a car right ahead.

On approaching them instincts compelled this writer to cross over to the other side of the road but on doing so the women shouted “una bahati sana”/” you are so lucky”!


It’s a sad reality indeed that this is happening and apparently under the keen eye of the ever curious Kenyans who will just stand there (apparently minding their own business) and just watch as the drama unfolds and go narrate the story to their friends, or even much worse take photos and post them on social media with some catchy captions. This was just an innocent victim being harassed; they could have helped.


It seems like street urchins and muggers are now not the only goons that Nairobi residents should worry about when walking along the streets. Prostitution remains illegal according to the laws of Kenya and it’s unfortunate that the vice is taking place, much worse theft is being perpetrated in the process as well and nobody is doing anything about it.

The authorities should address the issue and take all necessary measures to ensure that Nairobians are safe because there could be so many cases that go unreported. In the meantime all the Kenya Forum can say is BEWARE!


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