November 14, 2017


Goldrock Capital has collected over Sh5.6 billion under the eCitizen platform since 2014.

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Treasury Disowns Company Behind eCitizen

Treasury Disowns Company Behind eCitizen

The National Treasury has maintained that the government never authorised private firm, Goldrock Capital, to receive payments made on the eCitizen platform in the latest scandal amounting to over Sh 5billion.

According to court papers submitted by Treasury principal secretary Kamau Thugge states that the treasury only authorised Webmasters Kenya to train government officials to handle the World Bank-backed online payment portal adding that “any other contract purporting to hire another firm for collection of revenue is null and void”.

Interestingly, Goldrock Capital has collected over Sh5.6 billion under the eCitizen platform since 2014. The firm sued the treasury in June this year for denying it access to the platform’s M-Pesa Paybill number. It also enjoined Safaricom and Webmasters as interested parties in the suit.

Goldrock maintains that it was subcontracted by IT firm Webmasters Africa to develop a non-cash payment system for the project.

Legally, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is the only agency authorised to collect revenue on behalf of the government and any other agency out to perform the role can only do so following a Parliamentary approval or appointment by the Treasury secretary.

eCitizen is an online portal that allows Kenyans to access government services such as applications for driving licences, passports, vehicle logbooks and title deeds business registration certificates.


NASA Resistance Movement‏: So this government collect people’s PERSONAL DATA through eCitizen only to DISOWN the platform? What does that mean for the millions whose personal data are out there in ‘STRANGE’ hands? We will SUE the Govt by tomorrow even as we prepare to take over. #RESIST!

Mt. Kenya Mafia‏: Kenya is a joke!! eCitizen was a scam? Can’t imagine the govt has defrauded me this much. Interim D.L, Driving License, passport & business registration!! I’ll now support Secession Bill.

Kelvin KALZ‏: Goldrock has since 2014 collected over Sh5.6 billion under the eCitizen platform. Now the money cannot be accounted for. This is madness,stealing from hardworking KENYANS who generally pop millions into the eCitizen system in return of govt services but their money is stolen

Victor_Owiti‏: So the govt took ownership&used it as a campaign tool,launched the E-PASSPORT via eCitizen and now they claim they don’t know the beneficiary owning the Paybill number by Safaricom receiving billions from Kenyans,

Mariga W Thoithi‏: How does one collect 5.6Bn through E-Citizen for 3 years without government knowledge or approval?


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