September 11, 2015


ICC prosecutor closes case against Ruto and Sang. This means that they will not bring any more witnesses to the trial.

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ICC prosecutor closes case against Ruto and Sang

ICC prosecutor closes case against Ruto and Sang

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has notified the courts judges together with the parties involved that she’s closed the case on deputy president William Ruto and journalist Sang.

“In compliance with the Trial Chamber’s order ICC-01/09-01/11-1948-Conf, the Prosecution hereby notifies the Trial Chamber, Parties and participants that it formally closes the Prosecution’s case.” Bensouda said in a letter.


Unlike with President Uhuru’s case, which the prosecution dropped on grounds of lack of sufficient evidence, closing of the name case surrounding Ruto and Sang does not mean that Bensouda has withdrawn or terminated the charges against them, it only means that the prosecution will not present any more witnesses.

“The notice does not mean termination of proceedings or withdrawal of case. It refers to closing of presentation of the prosecution’s evidence in the case of Ruto and Sang,” said the ICC Outreach Coordinator for Kenya and Uganda Ms Maria Kamara.

The announcement by Bensouda comes days after the trial chamber ruling allowed the prosecution to use the testimonies of hostile witnesses. Ruto and Sang were also allowed to appeal the ruling.


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