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December 6, 2012


Large explosion in Eastleigh, cause a ‘roadside bomb’. Bomb experts have confirmed that the blast was caused by an IED.

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Large explosion in Eastleigh, cause a ‘roadside bomb’

Large explosion in Eastleigh, cause a ‘roadside bomb’

There was a ‘large’ [BBC report] explosion in the California area of Eastleigh near the Joska Supermarket last night.

“I can confirm there has been a blast Eastleigh. At least three people are wounded,” Nairobi police chief Moses Ombati told Reuters by telephone as he travelled to the scene.

Latest reports are of nine people having been seriously injured in the explosion which was reported to have been caused by a roadside bomb.

“The explosion was caused by a roadside bomb which had been placed in a hole in the ground,” Nairobi police chief Moses Nyakwama told the AFP news agency. “No arrests have been made yet, and investigations are already under way,” he added.


The Reuters news agency reports that there were pools of blood on the ground as the wounded were swiftly moved away.

Eastleigh, the Somali neighbourhood of Nairobi, has witnessed several recent attacks. Last month a grenade attack on a bus in Eastleigh killed seven people.

Eastleigh Bomb: Latest Update- One Victim dies, six released, one still in hospital.

Police said Peter Kyalo, a casual worker died hours after he was rushed to hospital while six others who were all pedestrians were treated and discharged. The one remaining victim is still in hospital and said to be in a serious but stable condition.

Bomb experts confirm that last nights explosion was caused by an IED.


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