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January 7, 2011


Cars imported into Kenya are reportedly far older than is registered. Industrialisation Minister, Henry Kosgey, is forced to resign for his part in this racket of falsifying importation documents.

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Imported cars far older than registered, Minister resigns

Imported cars far older than registered, Minister resigns

Tinderet MP Henry Kosgey has been pulled up by the Anti-Corruption Court accused of illegally allowing 123 over-aged cars into the country and has resigned as Industrialisation Minister as a result.

Mr Kosgey remains, as far as The Forum is aware, chairman of Prime Minister Odinga’s ODM party, and of course he is also one of six suspects under investigation by the International Criminal Court accused of plotting post-election violence.

So happy New Year Mr Kosgey! Look on the bright side – things can only get better. Or come to think of it, perhaps not.

A Ms Irene Chege from Nakuru wrote to The Nation newspaper on the subject of Kosgey and cars and had her letter published on January 6. Her argument was that 123 cars were a drop in the ocean compared with ‘the thousands of over-age registered motor vehicles on Kenyan roads today’.

The second and third paragraphs of Irene Chege’s letter are, we think, worth quoting in full as they may be of use to some Forum readers and she also raises an interesting point.

‘Tens of thousands of over-age vehicles have been registered illegally in the last few years. Many car owners would be shocked to know that the year on their log books is totally wrong. To verify the year,  just visit [the Japan-partner site]. I guarantee many will faint from the shock of realising they are driving 1990s cars said to be 2003.’

Ms Chege continued: ‘This syndicate of importing and registering over-age cars has been going on for years in collusion with car importers, Kenya Bureau of Standards officers, [and] KRA officers (Customs and Registrar of Motor Vehicle Department). If KACC is serious about fighting corruption they should stop engaging in public relations gimmicks like that of sacrificing the minister for a proportionately petty crime’.

So, useful information Forum readers and do check the Japan-partner site if it applies to you (and let us know the result!).

We also ask you, does Irene Chege have a point? Is Kosgey’s arraignment just public relations disguised as anti-graft? Is KACC picking out a speck and ignoring the beam? And do you have any further (confidential) information about the alleged ‘syndicate’?


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