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August 20, 2014


Deputy Governor of Machakos, Bernard Kiala, stripped of his title. It follows an impeachment bid but is, apparently, related to health.

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Deputy Governor of Machakos, Bernard Kiala, stripped of his title

Deputy Governor of Machakos, Bernard Kiala, stripped of his title

Machakos Deputy Governor, Bernard Kiala

Barely a week after surviving an impeachment motion, Machakos deputy Governor, Bernard Kiala, has been relieved of his ministerial responsibilities as the county executive in charge of ICT and Labour by Governor Alfred Mutua. Kiala will now only serve as Deputy Governor.

In his defence, Mutua has maintained that Kiala has not been effective and has been too busy politicking and not working for the development of the County.


‘’We have given him a lot of work to do but for some reason he had not been able to do it and it is not good to pressure somebody with portfolio if they are unable to do it. We don’t want to raise people’s blood pressure and make them collapse,’’ Alfred Mutua said.

Kiala survived an axe, after the senate refused to endorse his impeachment by the Machakos county assembly on allegations of gross violation of the Constitution, abuse of office and gross misconduct, among others.

During the impeachment proceedings against him, Kiala accused the county administration of graft and raised governance concerns.


In his defense, he accused his boss, Governor Alfred Mutua and his executive committee of nepotism, flouting procurement laws, embezzlement of funds and contravening the county government’s Act in the appointment of the public service.

“My committee probing collection of revenue in Mavoko unearthed massive irregularities and when we sought the governor’s guidance, he disbanded the team promising to seek a forensic expert’s opinion, and up-to-date nothing has happened,” Kiala said.

Well, the public seems to be divided on the rift between mutual and his deputy and only time can tell who is indeed fooling who.


This morning, I have held wide consultations with members of my Cabinet, members of the County Assembly of Machakos and respected leaders drawn from all corners of Machakos County.

As a result, I wish to state the following:-

  1. We respect the Senate and will uphold the decision by the Senate on the impeachment process of the Deputy Governor of Machakos, Hon. Bernard Kiala.
  2. We urge the people of Machakos and Kenyans in general to ignore the various manufactured allegations made against the Government of Machakos County because they are false, malicious and coming from sources whose agenda is to enhance corruption and to slow down our development agenda. We cannot have achieved the great and amazing Development Programs if we were not upright. The results of corruption and anomalies are not development BUT lack of progress, poverty and backwardness. Machakos is the reverse within a very short period.
  3. I have undertaken a mini-reshuffle of my Government Executive Portfolio to compensate for the Deputy Governor’s inability to perform assigned duties. This is in line with the Constitution of Kenya and the County Government Act, Section 32, which empowers the Governor to assign duties to his Deputy Governor.

For the last one year or so, I had wished that the Deputy Governor of Machakos contributes to the Development Programs of Machakos in a hands-on way. I had therefore, assigned him the Portfolio of Public Service, Labour and ICT to manage as a member of my Cabinet. As CCTV footage clearly showed, he has been missing in action in terms of development projects in his own portfolio.

It is now clear that the Deputy Governor has been totally unable to perform his duties properly and as per my expectation as the Governor who nominated him as my running mate, as well as to the expectations of the taxpayers and the people of Machakos County. As a result, I have today removed the heavy burden of a portfolio responsibility from him.

Arising from the above, I have also undertaken the following re-adjustments to ensure efficiency in provision of services and major development to Wananchi under Machakos Maendeleo Chap Chap ideology.
(a) Ms. Elizabeth Nzyoka – County Treasury and Revenue Collection
(b) Dr. Sunil Dhall – Trade, Economic Planning and Industrialization
(c) Ms. Faith Wathome – Tourism, Sports and Culture
(d) Ms. Naomi Mutie – Health and Emergency Services
(e) Ms. Hellen Kiilu – Decentralized Units, Urban Areas and Municipalities
(f) Mr. Joshua Musili –Lands, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
(g) Mr. Larry Wambua–Public Service, Labour, ICT and Co-operatives Development
(h) Ms. Ruth Nduku Mutua – Education, Youth and Social Welfare
(i) Mr. George Kioko Luka – Roads, Transport, Housing and Public Works
(j) Mr. Francis Maliti – Water, Agriculture, Irrigation and Sanitation
(k) Mr. Bernard Kiala – Deputy Governor without portfolio but will be assigned duties by the Governor as per the law.

I wish also to announce that, I have appointed Mr. Boniface Mutinda Kabaka as Legal and Strategy Advisor.

Mr. Kabaka is a renowned Advocate of the High Court of Kenya from Ikatini location, Ikalakala Ward in Masinga Sub-County. He has served as a Corporate Lawyer as well as a Law Lecturer in our Country for over 21 years. In the last general election, he vied for the seat of Senator of Machakos County.

These changes take effect immediately.

The last one year in Machakos was the launching pad of what can be achieved if leaders are focused on development of their people and not selfish gains. Now, work has begun– wacha kazi ianze.

H.E. Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EBS
Governor of Machakos
18th August, 2014


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