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February 22, 2013


Man arrested over ‘Mungiki letter’ to CJ Willy Mutunga. Luo man held in Kilimani after being found with copies of letter.

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Man arrested over ‘Mungiki letter’ to CJ Willy Mutunga

Man arrested over ‘Mungiki letter’ to CJ Willy Mutunga

The man arrested yesterday in connection with the ‘Mungiki’ letter delivered to Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has been named as a Mr Victor Owuor.

Owuor, a resident of the Kibera, was arrested at a cyber café in the slum district of Nairobi and taken to Kilimani police station after having been found making copies of the letter, it is alleged. To be precise, he had two copies of the letter on him when arrested.

As many Kenya Forum readers will know the ‘Mungiki letter’ has been widely circulated on the internet and via social media since CJ Willy Mutunga dramatically produced it at a press conference on Wednesday.

Forum readers may also be aware that the letter has been distributed by the thousands to matatu passengers throughout the capital.

Whether Mr Owuor was behind the letter’s drafting in the first place, or merely someone copying the letter as many others have done, is not known. What is unlikely is that Victor Owuor, a Luo, is a member of the Mungiki!


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