May 15, 2017


William Kabogo to contest Kiambu gubernatorial race. The present governor will look to be re-elected as an independent.

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William Kabogo to contest Kiambu gubernatorial race

William Kabogo to contest Kiambu gubernatorial race

Kiambu governor, William Kabogo, has announced that he will contest to defend his seat in the August elections as an independent candidate after losing out on the Jubilee party nominations to rival Ferdinand Waititu.

Kabogo, while addressing journalists yesterday said he made the decision following consultations with his constituents as well as family members.

“After much deliberation and having consulted with my wife and the rest of my family. I stand here today to announce my independent candidature for a second-time term as your Governor. Due to public demand, I have decided to honour the wishes of the people of Kiambu,” he said.

Kabete MP Ferdinad Waititu, defeated Kabogo by a landslide in the just concluded jubilee party primaries. The incumbent had earlier on conceded defeat even before the results were announced but maintained that the jubilee nominations were “shambolic”.

Kabogo had also accused deputy president William Ruto of having a hand in the plan to oust him as Kiambu governor.


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