April 25, 2013


Kenyatta-Ruto cabinet nominations: full list announced. Read on for all the appointments to top govt. positions.

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Kenyatta-Ruto cabinet nominations: full list announced

Kenyatta-Ruto cabinet nominations: full list announced

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  1. Adan Mohammed, Ministry of Industralization and Enterprise Development
  2. Davis Chirchir, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
  3. Phyllis Kandie, Ministry of Commerce and Tourism
  4. Prof Jacob Kaimenyi, Ministry of Education
  5. Felix Tarus Kosgei,Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
  6. Judy Wahungu, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  7. Michael Kamau, Ministry of Transport
  8. Dr Hassan Wario, Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts
  9. Najib Balala, Ministry of  Mining
  10. Charity Ngilu, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.
  11. James Macharia, Ministry of Health
  12. Mrs Ann Waiguru, Ministry of Devolution & Planning
  13. Francis Kimemia, Secretary to the Cabinet
  14. Lawrence Lenyapa, State House Comptroller

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