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March 5, 2013


A play-by-play of the election results as they come out. As it stands, at end of day, Jubilee still winning.

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Latest election results: Jubilee still leads Cord

Latest election results: Jubilee still leads Cord

20:30 IEBC says it will start announcing official results from tomorrow (Wednesday) after electronic transmitters experienced delays. Calls on voters to be calm.

20:00 Katoo ole Metito (TNA) retains Kajiado South parliamentary seat after getting 24, 729 against Isaac Parashina (GNU) who got 15, 089 votes. George Saruni (ODM), who had pulled out of the race, still got 762 votes.

19:30 Uhuru Kenyatta 2,753,414, Raila Odinga 2,165,394, Musalia Mudavadi 146,149, Peter Kenneth 30,560, Martha Karua 18,912, Prof James ole Kiyiapi 17,358, Abduba Dida 15,881 and Paul Muite 5,435

19:22 John Njoroge Chege (TNA) wins the Kasarani parliamentary seat with 44, 573 votes. Runners up Mercy Gakuya (DP) 20,355; Kepha Sagana (ODM) 17, 402.

19:15 Peris Tobiko (TNA ) wins the Kajiado East parliamentary seat with 23, 381 votes against Kakuta Maimai (ODM) who had 22,640. Joshua Olowasa (Wiper) 6819; William Kirinkai (URP) 4,557; Elijah Timpaine (RBK) 2,221.

19:05 Kuresoi OCS collapses while monitoring count at Mau Summit Sec School. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St Joseph Nursing Hospital in Molo town.

18:44 Announced tally for Kajiado West: Moses ole Sakuda (TNA) 21,832; Joseph Simel (ODM) 12, 610; Alex Magelo (NVP) 6531; Jason Parantai (Wiper) 382; Hamilton Parsaina (Kanu) 179

18:30 Peter Kenneth concedes defeat in the presidential contest. Says he respects the will of voters

18:15 Mr Kenyatta 2,735,353 (53.49pc) against Mr Odinga’s 2,145,721 (41.96pc).

18:01 Moses ole Sakuda is new MP for Kajiado West constituency.

18:00 Uhuru Kenyatta 2,726,266 (53.48pc); Raila Odinga 2,139,951 (41.98pc).

17:53 Transport Minister Amos Kimunya of TNA (16,689) floored by APK’s Samuel Gichigi (18,972) in Kipipiri constituency.

17:40 With 13,375 polling stations having sent in results, Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,720, 685 (53.48pc) against Mr Odinga’s 2,136,124 (41.99pc).

17:30 TNA’s Mary Wambui wins Othaya MP seat with 16,285 votes against Peter King’ara (GNU) 14,218 and Gichuki Mugambi (Saba Saba Asili) 10,972. She succeeds President Kibaki.

17:20 13,309 polling stations have reported. Mr Kenyatta leads with 2,707,839 votes; while Mr Odinga follows with 2,121,589. The tally of rejected votes keeps rising, it is now at 319,752 votes. The disputed votes are at 216. This tally puts Mr Kenyatta at 53.54 per cent, while Mr Odinga has 41.95 per cent. Counting is on going.

17:09 Assistant ministers Mwangi Kiunjuri (GNU) and Nderitu Muriithi (UDF) trailing TNA candidate Joshua Irungu in the Laikipia County governor race. Provisional results show Mr Irungu leading with 25,034 votes followed by Mr Kiunjuri with 12,540, Mr Muriithi 2,541.

17:00 Mr Kenyatta has 2,697,056 votes (53.60pc) while Mr Odinga has managed 2,170,670 (41.88pc).

16:55 Tight security at the Nyayo National Stadium, which is the Nairobi County tallying centre. Returning Officer Fiona Nduku Waithaka ordered those not accredited by IEBC to leave tallying hall.

16:51 With 13,230 polling stations reporting, Mr Kenyatta has 2,691,728; Mr Raila Odinga has 2,102,886. That, according to the IEBC tally at the National Tallying Centre at the Bomas of Kenya translates to 53.61 per cent for Mr Kenyatta and 41.88 per cent for Mr Odinga. There are 316,472 votes that are classified as “rejected”.

16:17 Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,670,186 votes, while Raila Odinga has 2,078,850. The disputed votes are 208. Rejected votes are 313,448. 13,120 polling stations have reported.

16:05 Mr Kenyatta 2,664,462 (53.71%) against Mr Odinga’s 2,072,596 (41.78%).

15:50 The National Tallying Centre at the Bomas of Kenya has received results from 13,004 polling stations out of 31,981. Uhuru Kenyatta is in the lead with 2,650,475. Raila Odinga follows with 2,052,008 votes. The rejected votes’ tally stands at 309,984.

15:27 Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,630,000 (53pc) while Raila Odinga is at 2,032,226 (41pc). Rejected votes are at 307,288. 40 per cent of the polling stations in the country –12,919—have submitted their results to the National Tallying Centre so far.

15:13 From 12,850 polling stations, Uhuru Kenyatta at 2,614,444 and Mr Raila Odinga at 2,017,746. Rejected votes are 305,328.

15:08 IEBC has said it will investigate the cause of high number of rejected votes.

15:00 12,796 polling stations have submitted results. Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,604,048; Raila Odinga has 2,008,592. Rejected votes now at 303,888 votes.

14:40 Uhuru Kenyatta 2,590,393; Raila Odinga 2,001,651. Musalia Mudavadi 136,351. Results from 12,755 of the polling stations. The rejected votes are at 302,424. Disputed votes are at 176.

14:30 Presidential provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta has polled 2,574,815, while Raila Odinga has 1,983,460 with 12,668 polling centres reporting. Rejected votes stand at 300,144. The votes processed so far are 5,074,677. The IEBC has declared that only 4,774,365 are valid.

14:15 Mr Kenyatta 2,566,312 (53.97pc); Mr Odinga 1,973,805 (41.51pc).

14:00 IEBC chairman Hassan has said the commission will carry out an audit to establish the reason behind the large number of rejected votes.

13:50 Mr Kenyatta has so far garnered 2,535, 184 (54.06pc) while challenger Mr Odinga has 1,943, 097 (41.44pc).

13:08, update/correction: Kenyatta 2,495,800 (54%); Odinga 2,896,174 (41%).

Tues 5th March Midday

12:52pm 4.6 million votes provisionally counted: Kenyatta 2.5 million (54.36%); Odinga 1.87 million (41.19%); rejected votes now stand at 284,252.

12:38pm Kenyatta 2,409,477 (54.6%); Odinga 1,807,439 (40.9%). Kenyatta leads Odinga by 602,038 votes and by 13.7% (provisional voting figures).

11:28am Mr Kenyatta has 2,356,502 (54pc) against Mr Odinga’s 1,764,930 (40pc) as given by IEBC.

11.17am Uhuru Kenyatta (JUBILEE) 2,333,456 Raila Odinga (CORD) 1,748,388 Musalia Mudavadi (AMANI) 118,895

11.00am Uhuru Kenyatta (JUBILEE) 2,290,128 Raila Odinga (CORD) 1,716,070 Musalia Mudavadi (AMANI) 117,652

10.52am Uhuru Kenyatta (JUBILEE) 2,276,404 Raila Odinga (CORD) 1,704,147 Musalia Mudavadi (AMANI) 116,845

10:50am: Mr Kenyatta (2,276,404) (56%)against Mr Odinga (1,704,147) (42%). Peter Kenneth has 23,974, Narc-Kenya’s Martha Karua has so far garnered 15,228. Prof James Ole Kiyiapi (14,133), Mohammed Dida has 12,658, Paul Muite (4,254).

9:05am Provisional presidential results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,974,936 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,497,890 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi(UDF) 105,373 (3pc).

8:20am Provisional results Lamu County: Uhuru Kenyatta 54.7%, Raila Odinga 41.6%, Abduba Dida 1.9%

8:15am Provisional presidential results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,833,687 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,393,328 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 100,029 (3pc).

8:00am: Provisional presidential results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,803,080 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,367,630 (41pc),Mudavadi (UDF) 97,909 (3pc).

7:45am: Provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,761,070 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,324,706 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi

7:43am: Mr Imanyara has conceded defeat to his opponent for the Meru Senate seat. “I wish to congratulate the Meru County Senator elect Hon Kiraitu Murungi and wish him and all others elected, my best wishes,” he said.

7:40am Provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,751,497, (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,317,032 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 94,736 (3pc).

7.30am: The BBC report that machine breakdowns overnight has hampered the process of collecting data.

7:22am Provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,713,063, (55pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,284,487 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 92,520.

As of 6.30 am this morning with 8,287 of 31,981 polling stations (26%) having reported their results, Uhuru 55%, leads Odinga 41%, with Mudavadi on 3%.


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