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December 8, 2016


MPs to pocket ‘bonus’ of 6.7 million. It is being called a ‘service gratuity’ and will, of course, be taxpayer money.

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MPs to pocket ‘bonus’ of 6.7 million each at year’s end

MPs to pocket ‘bonus’ of 6.7 million each at year’s end

Kenyans are incensed by the revelation in an article by the Business Daily, that MPs will pocket Sh 6.7 million each at the end of their 5 year term in 2017. The amount is part of Sh 2.8 billion that treasury has allocated for the legislators in service gratuity.

According to the Business Daily, it would take 51 years for an average Kenyan whose basic income stood at 131,504 last year, to make the sh 6.7 million the MPs will be taking home after five years in office. (Read more….)

This news, coming at a time when Kenyans are dying in public hospitals due to lack of medical attention following a countrywide doctors and nurses strike, which as of today enters day three has left wananchi irate.

Much worse, public officers have also been on a looting spree that has seen billions of tax payers money stolen, from the Sh 791 million NYS loot, the Eurobond scandal, the Sh 5 billion Afya house scandal, the overpriced 327 billion SGR and the list goes on.

Kenyan MPs are among the best paid in the globe, too much of an accolade for a third world economy that has been grappling with a bloated public wage bill.

The creation of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) was in theory supposed to review and structure salaries for state officers but Kenyans would remember how in June 2013, just weeks after being elected to office, MPs made a mockery of the salaries review process and arm-twisted the SRC to dictate their pay and even threatened to disband the commission.

The taxable monthly salary of Sh532,000 that had been proposed by the SRC WAS set to increase by Sh44, 375 every year, which means that by the fifth year in office, the monthly salary would be Sh710, 000.

The MPs, who were christened MPigs by wananchi due to their greed, also got to earn hefty allowances that have seen them pocket close to 1 million at the end of the month.


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