February 8, 2018


An act of “fakery” involving “clumsy forgery” and absurd turnout and voting figures.

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NASA “Results are fake” – Professor Charles Hornsby

NASA “Results are fake” – Professor Charles Hornsby

Charles Hornsby, a Professor of African history and author of Kenya: A History Since Independence, has declared the election “results” released by NASA on January 26th to be an act of “fakery” involving “clumsy forgery” and absurd turnout and voting figures.

In a detailed analysis set out in a five-part series of articles on his website, which has received little coverage in the Kenyan press, Hornsby concludes that the NASA figures claimed massively increased turnouts and tens of thousands of votes added to Raila Odinga’s count to produce a faked result.

Raila Odinga’s advisor James Orengo claimed when the NASA figures were released that Odinga had won the presidential election by 8.1 million votes to Uhuru Kenyatta’s 7.9 million. The IEBC’s official results after the August 8 election had Kenyatta winning by 8,203,290 votes to Odinga’s 6,762,224.


Professor Hornsby wrote on his website: ‘I am now confident that NASA’s document does not contain the true and authentic August 2017 Presidential election results.

Later he wrote: ‘I believe NASA’s Narok results are a construct, not the organic result of an electoral process but created at least in part in a spreadsheet tool.

Hornsby noted Lamu, for example, that the NASA figures had increased the turnout from 71 percent to 82 percent and added over 6,000 votes to Odinga’s tally.

Similarly, looking at the Tana River area, Hornsby showed that NASA had increased the turnout from 74 percent to 89 percent and added over 30,000 votes to Odinga’s total.

Analysing figures for Narok, Hornsby described NASA’s supposed turnout of 96.8 percent as ‘ridiculous’ and that in two polling stations NASA had claimed turnouts of 101 percent, ‘an achievement Stalin would admire’.


One of the major weaknesses in the NASA figures, Professor Hornsby said, is that the summary figures released ‘bear no relation’ to the detailed figures that were supposed to support them.

‘I am satisfied now that the NASA polling station document is a fake in whole or in part, and that the summary page used to try to convince Kenyans of their victory is a fake of a fake, with implausibly high turnouts, inexplicable results and bizarre integrities with the other seats contested at the same time, and which has also been modified to increase Raila’s votes in several counties to give him more than 50%, Hornsby concluded.


Professor Hornsby wrote that ‘millions of Kenyans’ had been let down.

‘For, for me, sadly, the question I began with has been answered. The IEBC may not be telling the truth, but NASA is definitely lying. Whether there is any genuine evidence that NASA won the election in existence somewhere is a question I can’t answer, but millions of Kenyans who honestly believed NASA’s claims have been done a deep disservice by this mendacious falsehood.’

Hornsby called on Geoffrey Osoti, the ANC and NASA IT ‘expert’ who publicly launched  the figures, to respond to his criticism of the NASA ‘results’.

For more details go to www.charleshornsby.com (‘Blogs’).


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