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August 28, 2023


A group led by Lumumba wants to change Kenya’s constitution. According to them, there are 7 key areas in which change is needed.

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Lumumba declares plans to change Kenya’s constitution

Lumumba declares plans to change Kenya’s constitution

PLO push for constitutional review

Kenya on Sunday 27th marked the 13th anniversary of the 2010 Constitution promulgation.

The Constitution was adopted on August 27, 2010, introducing a new era in the country’s leadership and governance structure.

A group of eminent persons led by constitutional lawyer PLO Lumumba have stated that the 2010 Constitution is ripe for re-evaluation.

Kenya’s constitution in need of review?

The group has identified seven areas that can be amended through the popular initiative. The seven areas are related to leadership and integrity, national elections, the Legislature’s structure, and representation.

Other areas include the arrangement of the National Executive, the framework of devolution, as well as independent commissions and offices.

“Yes we must have a constitutional moment and there is an opportunity to re-examine the Constitution,” Lumumba said.

According to PLO, the group intends to initiate and launch a signature campaign drive in the near future.

“The Constitution jealously and magnanimously guarantees us an audience to initiate amendments directly as a people through the popular initiative route,” Lumumba said.

The first attempt to amend Kenya’s new constitution was during the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), led by former President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition figure Azimio Leader Raila Odinga.

The Supreme Court however ruled that the process was an “Executive initiative” and not “a popular initiative”.


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