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July 16, 2012


Miguna Miguna comments on the way Raila Odinga let nepotism define his time in politics.

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‘Peeling Back The Mask’: Miguna Miguna On The Odinga Family

‘Peeling Back The Mask’: Miguna Miguna On The Odinga Family

‘Peeling Back the Mask – A Quest for Justice in Kenya’ by Miguna Miguna is published by Gilgamesh Africa…


“I found it strange that Raila often didn’t know the boundary between the party ODM and the larger Jaramogi family, and between state of government and the Odinga clan.”

“But once Raila was in office, being a Luo, unless you were a relative of Raila’s, did seem to be a hurdle to advancement…Ironically, when it came to his siblings, family or relatives, Raila conveniently forgot that they were Luos; hence the formal employment of Oburu (assistant minister, elder brother), Akinyi Wenwa (diplomatic post, sister), Beryl Achieng’ (board chair, sister), Ruth Adhiambo (personal assistant/MD Spectre, sister), Rosemary Akeyo (personal assistant, daughter), Fidel (personal assistant, son) and Raila Junior (personal assistant, son), Jakoyo Midiwo (chief whip, cousin), Elkanah Odembo (ambassador to the US, Jakoyo’s brother in law), Carey Orege (permanent secretary, cousin, Joe Ager (Kenya Power, cousin), Paul Gondi (chairman, geothermal authority, cousin), James Ogundo (CDF board, cousin) and many, many others.”


“Kenyans know that when Raila joined the Moi government in 2002, he was a man of modest means. Yet in a period of ten years – between his short stint in Moi’s government and Kibaki’s Narc regime – he suddenly became a multi-billionaire. 

Why is there not more concern about the opulent lifestyle of Raila’s children? Where did they get all the money to acquire flashy top-of-the-range vehicles and huge mansions in expensive neighbourhoods when we haven’t seen what they do for a living?”


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