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May 6, 2014


#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta that the country is suffering from terrorism and many security concerns. He’s not around to see himself.

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#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta: insecurity and the President is missing

#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta: insecurity and the President is missing

Kenyans on social media have taken on President Uhuru Kenyatta since yesterday evening over criticism of his continuous absence in the country amid the terror attacks that have rocked certain areas of it lately.

The outrage was occasioned by the twin blasts that hit two buses on Nairobi’s, Thika superhighway yesterday evening, just a few hours after President Kenyatta flew to Nigeria.

Under the hashtag #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta, Kenyans On Twitter ( KOT) accused Uhuru of failing in his duties and urged him to quit the foreign trips and focus on the growing insecurity. Typical of Kenyans on social media, they came up with all sorts of comical images and comments to send the message home. Below are some of them;

Wassmay ‏@Mwass_ #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta we know his passport has received more stamps this year than signatures put on security reforms.

‏@JosaDeGooner _#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta that he has a Foreign Affairs Cabinet secretary, she can do the global tours for him.

‏@georgeoyengo _Where will the investors he claims to be wooing put their money when security is wanting. Sort your house first.! #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta

@ItsMutai _We cannot keep on protesting insecurity online! Jeez! We need to walk up the Streets….we need to make a point. #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta

“Our security situation the way it is because our President is the way he is and has around him people who are the way they are, and therefore, Kenya is bound to be just the way it is? #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta. Church is not safe. Supermarket is not safe. Pub/Hotel is not safe. Bus park / on Bus is not safe. Who needs such government? “George Nyongesa updated on Facebook.

As another Kenyan observes;


  1. The Likoni church attack happened on March 23rd and Uhuru’s road trip to Tanzania was on March 24th.
  2. Eastleigh blast was on March 31st and Uhuru was scheduled to travel to Belgium/Turkey on 1st April.
  3. The Pangani police station attack happened the day Uhuru Kenyatta came back from Qatar. (April 23rd)
  4. #ThikaRoadBlast occurs after Uhuru travels to Nigeria for a 3 day state visit.”

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