April 16, 2015


Sonko’s rescue team to sink boreholes and address water shortage. Another move by the controversial leader: man of the people or populist?

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Sonko’s rescue team to sink boreholes and address water shortage

Sonko’s rescue team to sink boreholes and address water shortage

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko, has through his Sonko Recue Team (SRT) outfit, acquired two borehole sinking machines and five more large water tankers in order to address the water shortage crisis facing residents in different parts of the county.

“I am happy to announce to you that Sonko Rescue Team has acquired 2 borehole sinking machines that can sink a borehole within 3 days. We have also acquired 5 more large water tankers that can each hold 50,000 litres of water at a go,” the senator posted on his Facebook page yesterday.

The borehole sinking machines will sink boreholes in areas facing water challenges and the water tankers, will be supplying more water for free to residents and also aid the government’s fire engines when they ran out of water during a crisis as they usually do.

“The water shortages in different areas within Nairobi have been stressful to many hardworking residents and now through God’s Grace we are offering permanent solutions to water shortages. We shall also be reinforcing the county government’s fire engines in case they ran out of water,” said Sonko.

The new products are the latest acquisitions in the Sonko Rescue’s Team wide range of merchandise, which include five breakdown trucks and vehicles that offer free breakdown services to drunk drivers, posh wedding limousines and Range Rovers (Discovery) that carry out Mashinani Security Patrols within Nairobi County.

The outfit also has small fire engines that can easily access locations that the huge NCC fire engine trucks cannot and two large garbage collection trucks.

Sonko launched the SRT early this year and all services offered by the team are free.


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