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July 19, 2023


The number of murders, muggings, and robbing people at various shopping centers and homes at the village level is alarming.

More by Rieko Mwenyewe

The Political Terrain in Kisumu

The Political Terrain in Kisumu

In recent times the political atmosphere in Kisumu has been sloping in the wrong direction. Due to the current hardship in the economy, thefts are rampant at the village level.

The number of murders, muggings, and robbing people at various shopping centers and homes at the village level is alarming.

Suspected thief has arm cut off

Recently, at a center called Holo, the villagers caught up with a young man aged only 18 years and cut off his arm after suspecting him of being a thief. The boy ended up naming his accomplishes but without genuine evidence, the police could not carry out the arrests.

The public is normally scared of taking the suspected thieves for fear that the suspects would raid their homes when they are freed from custody.

Reporting to the county officials and local administration such as the local chiefs, sub-chiefs, and even Deputy County Commissioners has not been helpful. Some of them stress that security starts with individuals, even at the shopping centers where most business people do not reside in.

In my opinion, public participation, Civic and Civil Education, and Human Rights Awareness, in accordance with Chapter 37 of the Kenya Constitution Act 2010 can help in some way. The use of Luo Council of Elders can also be used to educate the people at the local level and to remind the young Turks who are normally badly used in riots and throwing stones, to be aware of their negative actions.

Azimio demonstrations not helping

The Political situation at Kisumu and the current demonstrations by Azimio One Kenya Coalition is working negatively towards the security of the people because it is carried out by people who are idle and have nothing to do.

BodaBoda operators, mama mbogas and mutumba traders do not have time to do their wares. This reduces their capacity to feed their families and by extension drives the young people to do the wrong things like robbing the people they imagine have something at their disposal.

Political divisions

The division between members of political parties, more so ODM and UDA is also making the stability of the local people escalate because those in opposition blame the government of the day for poaching their members, particularly those from ODM while those moving towards the government are claiming to be going for development issues knowing very well that devolution is well placed to work on development in the counties.

I wish to positively put it to the local residents of Kisumu County and of course to all other 46 counties in Kenya, that they should concentrate on developing their counties.


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