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November 20, 2020


There was also reports of the Uganda police breaking into people’s houses

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Uganda Civilians Shot Dead By Police

Uganda Civilians Shot Dead By Police

Police in Uganda have gone on a shooting spree and have been shooting civilians dead since Wednesday.

According to witness accounts, the chaos in Uganda started when the police arrested two opposition members including presidential aspirant Bobi Wine and his supporters took to the streets to protest the arrest.

In footage and images that have been circulating on social media, the police can be seen opening fire on civilians, bystanders who are just carrying on their day to day activities, and in one of the clips, there is even a policeman who opens fire at a lady who was recording the police atrocities from her office window. Luckily the bullet missed her by a whisker.

There was also reports of the Uganda police breaking into people’s houses in Kireka,Kamuli Road and brutalizing people.

From the footage going viral on social media, there are both uniformed and ununiformed who are heavily armed shooting at civilians, raising concerns on who exactly the plain-clothed men are.

According to a report that the KF has not independently verified, at least 16 people are reported to have died from the shootings.

Ugandans in the United Kingdom are today protesting outside the Ugandan High Commission in the UK to demand accountability from their government.

Below are some of the twets shared under the trending hashtags #FreeBobiWine #StopPoliceBrutalityInUganda #UgandaIsBleeding


Mohamed karbat: What’s happening in Uganda amount to a genocide…situation so serious and daring….international community must intervene before it’s too late .
Anyamah Douglas : A time knocks and people get tired, an elastic limit, when enough gets to the brim. Uganda is at that time. Uganda’s opposition lacked the masses, they now believe in Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine. FreeBobiWine 
@JpNyange: Just heard from my mom who’s somewhere in town, and she tells me, my baby sister & cousin who’re home (Entebbe rd) just missed a stray bullet that went straight into the compound to the kitchen. This is scary AF. I feel so useless, hateful… Stay safe!#UgandaIsBleeding

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