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July 25, 2017


Uhuru to snub TV debate with Raila Odinga. The President is being seen as arrogant and naïve by certain commentators.

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Uhuru to snub TV debate with Raila Odinga

Uhuru to snub TV debate with Raila Odinga

Disgruntled Kenyans took to social media yesterday night to condemn President Uhuru for failure to turn up to the presidential TV debate that saw The National Super Alliance (NASA) flag bearer Raila Odinga enjoy the 90-minute spotlight.

Ironically, judging from Facebook posts and Tweets with regards to the issue, the most disappointed lot by Uhuru’s misdemeanour were his supporters.

The presidential TV debate had been organized by the country’s top media stations and was featuring all the eight presidential candidates. The first set of the debate featured the “less popular” six aspirants, even though only three turned up and then the last segment was to feature Raila and Uhuru, who are considered the two main horses on the road to Statehouse in the August elections.

Uhuru had on Sunday held a live Facebook chat where he responded to questions from his supporters.

Below are the reactions shared on social media after Uhuru snubbed the presidential debate.

Fernando Marín:‏ If my president Mr.Uhuru Kenyatta cannot trust me with his 90mins how will I trust him with my 5yrs vote?? Thinking loud

Mugo Ephantus: The president has shown a very high level of arrogance for not attending… He lost my vote

Hon. Junet Mohamed‏: Simple reason why Uhuru Kenyatta didn’t attend #PresidentialDebateKEis because he has nothing new to tell Kenyans. He has failed.

 PLO Lumumba‏: Uhuru’s failure to turn up for the debate has boosted Raila Odinga’s votes, he now has taken 5% of the Undecided voters.

Manish Shaarma:‏ Missing the debate is one thing but the fact that Uhuru hasn’t even bothered to apologize for his absence makes it worse.

David Makali‏:  It’s a psychological coup for Rao. How on earth could Uhuru Kenyatta fail to show up for this Presidential debate? Bogus! Very poor judgment.

Sheila Hilsden Kimulwet: Discipline is Key…I may not Agree with NASA in so many things but the fact that Raila showed up shows he really needs the job and he’s humble…For that only he just added vote to his camp #NASA.I need to learn the Tibiim song

David Kinyua: The purpose of any debate is to challenge your opponent’s facts and narrative. To present alternatives to the issues and explain to your audience why you are different.

In that sense, a mistake was made by Jubilee, however much this is represented.


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