January 26, 2017


USA deports 90 Somalians and 2 Kenyans. This is being considered as a part of the Trump presidency’s attempt to crack down on immigration.

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USA deports 90 Somalians and 2 Kenyans

USA deports 90 Somalians and 2 Kenyans

Two Kenyan and 90 Somali deportees arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport yesterday at midday accompanied by US security officers.

The Somali nationals then proceeded to board a juba airplane to Mogadishu around 3PM.

Although the details surrounding the saga are not clear, it’s suspected that the deportation is the beginning of the much dreaded Donald trump’s threat to crack down on illegal immigrants.

 “I don’t have details of their deportation but it is true there are 90 Somalis and two Kenyans who arrived at JKIA after deportation from the US,” said Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe.

Going by his campaign slogan; Make America Great Again, Trump has unapologetically maintained that his administration will be centered towards the interests of the US.

Trump vowed to deport the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants when he launched his campaign in June last year. He promised to create a “deportation force” and to impose criminal penalties on those immigrants whom he painted as “rapists” and “drug dealers”. He also threatened to build a wall along the US-America border.

For those here illegally and are seeking legal status, they will have one route and only one route; to return home and apply for re-entry under the rules of the new legal immigration system,” Trump said in his campaign trail.

According to the 2014 census, there are 121,300 Kenyans living in the US with about 30,000 said to be there illegally.

The Trump presidency: what’s in it for Africa?

Another question that has been floating around is just what a Trump presidency means for Africa? And the implications his governance will have on the continent considering that his manifesto had zero policy on the region, a clear indication that unlike his predecessors, who made legislative initiatives in favour of Africa, the continent is not in his list of priorities.


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