January 11, 2016


Waiguru was speaking in an interview on Citizen TV

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Waiguru Declares Her Wealth, Blames Her Woes On Corruption Cartel

Former devolution CS, Anne Waiguru yesterday revealed that she is worth Sh160 million both in assets and liabilities.

Waiguru, who was speaking at an interview in Citizen TV last night, also said that some political leaders and corruption cartels, who were unhappy with her fight against corruption, pressed for her removal from office. She however maintained that she never only resigned from her position because of health issues as she had earlier stated and not because she had been individually linked to the corruption in the devolution ministry.


“It’s unfortunate that the fight against corruption turned into a personal attack against Waiguru. There have been no personal attacks on other government officials linked to corruption today, but mine was different. My character was targeted with some unknown people hacking my children’s Facebook accounts,” stated Waiguru.

Asked why she would be quick to take responsibility for the achievements in her ministry when she was still in charge and not the corruption, Waiguru said that the issue needs to be taken into perspective. “Achievements in the ministry are coordinated efforts, they are ministry initiatives, you go out together with a strategy, a policy and a drive with a purpose to achieve something and when you do, you celebrate but corruption is not a ministry thing, we don’t get together and agree let’s do this. So it’s an individual thing, which you cannot attribute to everyone, to the ministry and the minister,” she said.

Waiguru also maintained that contrary to the rumours that were circulating on social media prior to her resignation, her son does not own an Aston Martin. “We do not have such kind of money to buy such a car,” she quipped.


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