July 10, 2022


What is George Wajackoyah’s political manifesto? Wajackoyah entered the 2022 general election as the 5th presidential nominee.

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What is George Wajackoyah’s political manifesto?

What is George Wajackoyah’s political manifesto?

Completely out of this world, Prof. George Muchiri Wajackoyah the Leader of Roots Party of Kenya, announced that he would enter the race as the 5th President hopeful in the coming General Elections on 9th August 2022.

Wajackoyah’s announcement came as a surprise. A relative unknown, the electorate were surprised to hear this announcement from a name that didn’t already demand a huge following.

George Wajackoyah’s presidential campaigning manifesto

His Manifesto was staged in a glamorous spectacular event at The Kenyatta International Conference Center. The most memorable and scintillating pronouncement was that among his Ten Agenda Points was to suspend the Constitution Amendment Act of 2010 which was approved by President Mwai Kibaki on 27th August 2010. In order to suspend the Constitution, a sitting President has to issue a Presidential Order which can be easily questioned by the working Legislation in Parliament. Assuming that Prof. Wajakoyah wins the Presidency on 9th August 2022, he will undoubtedly not garner enough Members of Parliament to support the Order, therefore this notion of suspending the Constitution is a pipe dream from the start.

Hang the judges…

The second promise to hung those involved in corruption is another wishful thinking because these people must first of all be found guilty by Judiciary, and the Hanging Legislation which is still prevailing in Kenya must be repealed. He will not have enough members in Parliament to effect this. It is true that at the moment there are so many people who have been sued and taken to the Courts on corruption issues but none of them have been convicted.

Legalise Bhang?

The third issue of legitimising the growth of Marijuana in Kenya is the most nefarious idea ever heard in Kenya. At the moment only mentioning of Bhang which is a serious drug which has damaged the lives of numerous youth in Kenya is scaring. Already the Clergy has condemned the move and in the same mood as death sentence for corrupt people, it cannot pass at the Parliament.

Snake Oil Salesman

The third issue in his Manifesto of using the remains of animals like Sale of Snakes, Hyenas, Dogs and other derogatory means of Exports to Countries like China, Japan, Thailand will require serious Legislation on Foreign Policies which still will result in alteration and approval of Acts of Parliament. Even getting permits and licences to do this will mean new laws on export is approved by Parliament and the Government.

Prof. Wajackoyah went around the Country telling voters that he will suck anybody or Government Official who does not comply with his ideas and orders, portrays a President who does not care about the Laws and the Human Rights of Citizens as has been restored under The Constitution of Kenya Amendment Act 2020, which had incidentally given the same Professor freedom of speech he is using now. In short Prof. Wajackoyah is a dictator which is deplored in Kenya.

Wajackoyah a State Project?

There is a notion that the Professor is a State Project. This is far from the Truth because most of his pronouncements are negative to the current Government Policies. Wajackoyah seems to be relying on the Young People of Kenya but unfortunately the Young People of Kenya although the majority as per the current population, the majority did not register as voters.

It is true that the now famous Professor appointed a Woman as a running mate but it looks as if the Lady is not being seen campaigning for him which is reducing the votes to the team. Although Justina says that she was a candidate as a running mate in 2017 General Elections, not much was had about her existence. Most people had not heard about Justina Wamae and she is not showing her face to the voters as is being done by the Iron Lady, Martha Wangare Karua of Asimiyo Ya Umoja One Kenya Party. Further Wajackoyah has not campaigned wide enough to attract voters and to advertise his Roots Party which many people only had this year.

Given the current Opinion Poles, Professor is lingering between 0-5% of the people being asked for their support. Perhaps the most damaging statement is that the Clergy in the Country are taking Professor Wajackoyoh Presidential Campaign as a joke because of what he portrays mostly legalising Drug Addiction Products like Cannabis cannot be accepted in Kenya.

Most of the Ten Point Manifesto according to Wajackoyah are not workable and Deporting Foreigners is the most profound idea. Kenya Tourism is one of the lucrative income generation events which is more appealing than selling wild animals to generate income for the country.

In a nutshell here are the remaining Manifesto Agenda of the Professor:

Shut Down SGR

This is one of the projects which the country completed after it was started by the Joint Government of President Mwai Kibaki and The Rt. Hon Raila Amolo Odinga, and is now generating revenue for the Country. Shuting it down will be counter productive and in bad taste.

Work for 4 Days

Instead of talking about this the Professor would have talked about 24/7 working Economy. Kenya Government is still very far from realising a Four Days Working Doctrine.

Shift the Capital to Isiolo

It has taken over 50 Years to make Nairobi City what it is today. It would take another 50 Years to make Isiolo what Nairobi looks at now and that will in 2072 long after Prof Wajackoyah will be no more.

Create States.

The current Devolution of 47 Counties is working very well, the Professor would have worked on strenthegning the working of these Counties or reduced them to may be 14 Counties instead of Creating States.

What is true is that Professor Wajackoyah has no chance of winning and be the 5th. President of Kenya come 9th August 2022. The only reasonable result would be to reduce the chance of the winning President to garner 50% Plus 1, thereby necessitating a Run Off between the first two candidates.


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